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Any spot that specializes in something as specific as chicken salad is a thumbs up in my book, and Mayobird does just that. If you love variety, you have your pick of chicken salad flavors like dill, nuts and berries (almond and cranberries), southern with pickles and eggs, roasted jalapenos, buffalo, greek yogurt, etc. They also do a special flavor of the month, based on customers’ preferences and feedback.

The menu is fabulous. Basically, you pick a flavor of chicken salad and pick a combo – you can get it on brioche, whole wheat bread, a croissant, a pita, mini buns, or even over a salad or paired with soup. You can get 1 or 2 scoops. Initially, I didn’t think 1 scoop would be enough, but paired with the sandwich and side, it was plenty. However, it was very tasty so I easily could have done two scoops (take note).

I went with the MAYOBIRD, including a choice of sandwich with 1 side. For the chicken salad, I chose the Greek chicken salad, which consists of greek yogurt, feta, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes and olives, on top of a croissant. The croissant was in one word: amazing. It was soft, light and buttery. It really paired great with the chicken.

mayobird_greek chicken salad mayobird_greek chicken salad2

I also got a side salad. Props to Mayobird for not upcharging for a side salad like many places do. They do have many tasty side options themselves, including grape salad, broccoli salad, fruit, potato chips, homemade pita chips, or pasta salad. They actually give you some homemade pita chips with the side salad, so bonus to get to taste them.

side salad_mayobird
The inside is adorable with wooden tables and chairs, and a large sitting area with couches too. Great breakfast/lunch spot, or place to just come hang. They serve breakfast all day (!) and also have a coffee bar, so it also serves as a great location for studying or just camping out and getting some work done with great food. The staff is very friendly and timely – my food was ready within 5 minutes and they came by to grab my plate when I was finished.

mayobird menu_inside


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