Memorial Day Weekend Recap

  May 28, 2018  |  #Weekend recap

Hi friends,

I hope you enjoyed the long weekend! I did, hence not getting this post up yesterday. It was actually pretty social and fun-filled. The more practice we get, the more comfortable and confident I feel about bringing Cam out in public and trying to socialize as normal. It also helps to have some friends in the same boat!


On Saturday, Ed gifted me with a day of babysitting so I could go to a coffee shop and get some work and writing done. Logistically, I made this work by feeding Cam right before I left. I brought my portable pump and pumped a couple times while out. They tell you to pump every time your baby gets a bottle (to make sure you keep your milk supply high), so that’s what I did. I’m slowly trying to build up our supply of stored breastmilk to freeze for daycare eventually, but also for situations like this so I can have a little flexibility in my day.

I spent a few hours at a coffee shop to do some writing and meet with a client.

Then, I treated myself to lunch at Panera, and then wondered around Target.

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

What a “mom” day! Ha. I enjoyed it though. I had to return some clothes I had bought last weekend (a pair of jeans and some sports bras) and pick up diapers. People weren’t kidding when they say you go through those fast!

Saturday night, we had our friends over – they had twins a few months before Camryn was born. Every time I think being a mom of a newborn is hard, I put myself in their position! I really can’t imagine twins. But, it was so cute to see them all together. Heart melts.

Memorial Day WeekendMemorial Day Weekend


I felt a little better Sunday after 6 glorious hours of sleep (not in a row). You count your blessings with a baby. We went for a nice long neighborhood walk and I did some meal prep for the cookout we attended later that afternoon.

I made this salad from Pinch of Yum, but left off the almonds. It was delicious! I actually shredded the brussel sprouts in my food processor – which was the first time I ever attempted something like that! I was proud of myself for the DIY effort, but dang, next time I’m just sticking with buying pre-shredded brussels.

Memorial Day Weekend

Later in the afternoon, I did a two mile jog/walk. That’s about the furthest I’m going right now, trying not to rush things. I do feel like I’m feeling better though. I have a tentative appointment with a women’s health/post partum PT specialist on Friday just so I can feel confident about being cleared to exercise. The OB clearing me wasn’t very encouraging. She basically cleared me before she even looked at my body.

The cookout was a lot of fun! Obviously with a baby, things were a little different. We left right after Camryn fed, and I ended up having to feed her once while we were there upstairs. No big deal. I held her for a while in our Ergo carrier and then we had some friends hold her too. Actually, I met a very nice woman from Europe who had just moved her and teaches yoga and has an 18 year old daughter. We bonded talking about her earlier experiences with breastfeeding and being a mom. It’s so funny how your interests completely change when you have a kid. In the past, these conversations would have not been very interesting to me (just because I couldn’t relate) but now I want to talk about momhood with anyone who is a mom. It’s relieving to talk about things that others can relate to.

And then I let her hold Camryn for a couple hours. I was surprised at myself, but she offered. And it allowed me to eat, and free myself up to socialize. I just kept standing by her and checking back in but it was good practice for me to “back off a little,” and enjoy myself.

Plus, I get plenty of practice holding Cam. Look at our friend Brett grilling up the best chicken wings. They were MASSIVE.

Here’s a view of my plate – half of a burger, a huge chicken wing, cauliflower salad and brussel salad.

And the most amazing peanut butter mousse pie for dessert (it was someone’s birthday)!

And we got this picture before we left. I think it’s my favorite family picture to date!

How was your weekend?


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12 responses to “Memorial Day Weekend Recap

  1. Firstly, I love your new blog design!
    Secondly, your family is beautiful!
    My Memorial Day was full, but at the end of it, I felt good. Tired, accomplished, ready to SIT, but good. I spent it doing what I love and with my best friends. I feel lucky to work with people I get along with 🙂

    1. Thanks, Ellie! I’m glad you had a good day. I was tired at the end too – sometimes cramming too much in, while fun, is exhausting. So glad you have work friends you enjoy!

  2. A beautiful family photo!! So nice that Ed arranged for you to have a coffee shop day. I’m sure that was a mix of feeling weird and feeling good. Nice cookout!! I have definitely never seen chicken wings that big. Where the heck do that size of chickens live!?!

    1. It was a productive day, he was a trooper! They have a restaurant depot store here and you can buy a huge bag of those wings for so cheap! Not sure about the chickens…

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