My first Pilogarobic class + weekly Eats

  Oct 16, 2015  |  #Fitness

Happy Friday! I hope you all have something fun planned for the weekend. My mom is visiting here on the west coast, so we’re heading to Seattle for the weekend. We’re signed up for a food tour of Pike Place Market and I have lots of other excursions planned. If you follow me on instagram, you’ll see all about them!


So, this week I tried a new workout! I tried out Piloyogarobic. They offer a free class to first time students – so worth it! I’ve been running often but haven’t been incorporating the strength training I want to. We worked with free weights, balance balls, lots of jumps and core. I love a nice euphoria after a long run, but I don’t feel strong like I do after weight/resistance training.

The studio just had an overhaul done and looked so nice and brand new! If you have something like this near you, you should try it. 

IMG_1932 IMG_1934


Now, on to the good stuff — I hope you all ate some yummy foods this week! Here’s some of what my week looked like:


We are opening a new cafe for work, and this week was taste-testing things on the menu; one of many perks of working in nutrition! I tried a sandwich (hidden) with just about everything I could scavenge on top.


Another day, another dollar..

Processed with Rookie Cam

And because it’s starting to feel like fall…Tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner one night. I mixed cheddar and feta cheese with some arugula for some extra zap. 

tomato soup_grilled cheese

Great Harvest pumpkin seed bread with honey butter as a snack at the Nike Farmer’s Market. I recommend this seasonal bread, so delicious!

Processed with Rookie Cam

A Falafel from Wolf n Bear, an amazing vegetarian food truck. 



I was craving a burger all week so I tried one from Grain & Gristle, which has been recommended as one of the top 5 in Portland! It was pretty good with the brioche bun and aioli. Got a side salad instead of fries. 


These delicious dried organic, local blueberries and this Lavendar chocolate bar= best afternoon snacks. 

IMG_1937 IMG_1938


Hope you had a wonderful week! I’ll be back next to talk all about our trip to Seattle and the yummy food, and I’ll have a fall recipe coming at ya!


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