My First Published Restaurant Review

  Nov 11, 2015  |  #Eats

Hello Hello! I’m back from a mini hiatus. Before I talk about the awesome weekend I had, I wanted to share some exciting news about my first published restaurant review! I mean, it’s nothing huge but it’s something I submitted when I heard about this website in Portland and they took it and published it! Now that I’ve been published, there more chances for eating out and sharing my opinions on Bucket List Tummy and with those who appreciate food as much as I do! (slow clap).

You can check out the review here at Hedonist Shedonist. It’s from one of my favorite Portland restaurants, Toro Bravo.

Toro Bravo review


Anywho, I had a friend visiting for the weekend (my last weekend in Portland) and we had a blast. We did a lot of exploring and eating, and I crossed so many new places off the bucket list!!!

For today’s WIAW, I figured I’d do it a little different since we ate out so much this weekend. I wanted to show some highlights of some of my favorite things we ate this weekend and then talk about what my body craves after an indulgent weekend (for me, this was on Tuesday). T

So…the weekend..we ate ALOT of food, ranging from pizza to cupcakes to ice cream to pancakes to poptarts. There was an occasional salad thrown in there somewhere, but it definitely wasn’t the usual veggie and fruit heavy palate I usually follow. But that’s okay!


Cupcakes from Krya’s (a three-time Cupcake Wars winner)
Brunch at Irving Street Kitchen
Delicata Squas from Paley’s Place
Bacon, goat cheese and leeks pizza and Arugula Salad at Life of Pie Pizza
Hawaiian Yellowfish Tuna/Veritable Quandary
Happy Hour Drinks at the gorgeous Timberline Lodge
Egg hash and homemade pop-tarts at Imperial

We also visited Lake Trillium. How gorgeous is this place?!





In transitioning from an indulgent weekend back to a normal routine, I really try to listen to my body. We ate out for just about every meal which was great for trying new things, but had my body feeling rather confused about my typical simple meals that normally include lots of veggies.

I couldn’t wait for my normal breakfast of oatmeal on Tuesday since it had been a few days. Funny how eating out so much has you looking forward to your regular “at-home” meals! I made a tasty, banana-bread type oatmeal, inspired by Kylie with ½ cup oats, 1 tsp cinnamon, ½ tsp vanilla extract, 1 smashed banana, ¾ cup milk, 1 tbsp chia seeds, and topped with a glob of peanut butter (I don’t measure because I often eat a bite out of the container first before topping), frozen bluebs and a handful of granola for an extra crunch. This tasted like heaven in a bowl, and even better since I hadn’t eaten oatmeal in a few days!


After doing a little work, I then had one of my favorite nutritious combos of protein and carbs.


Lunch was a combo of the various leftovers that I had in my fridge + a mini salad bar to go from New Seasons (similar to Whole Foods), and the Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato chips I’m obsessed with, alongside copious amounts of hummus.


kale, arugula, spinach, carrots, beets, quinoa, broccolini, and beans

While I did eat more fatty and sugary foods than I normally would this weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Making memories and trying new places with friends is one of my favorite parts of life, and this weekend was no different. I didn’t overthink food choices, I just went with what I was craving – yes, that may have been a cheese and dough-heavy pizza, or an ice cream cone even after having a cupcake, or a few cocktails. Now, my body is craving lots of vegetables, whole grains and fruits to balance it all out. What I’m trying to say is: Live in the moment and enjoy the food and company.


Frozen blueberry, banana and milk smoothie topped with granola and peanut butter
Snack:    Frozen blueberry, banana and milk smoothie topped with granola and peanut butter


I wasn’t super hungry after my later mid afternoon snack, so I just had some leftover whole wheat pasta with kale and onions for dinner, which apparently had some quinoa remnants.


For the nightcap, some leftover pumpkin banana bread with PB and a side of pumpkin chocolate Barkthins. And then I went to bed with a happy belly!



I think Tuesday’s eats was a great example of how my body reacts after continuous nights out of indulgent eating. It may be different for everyone!


What do you crave after indulgent weekends?

Do you want more fruits and vegetables?

8 responses to “My First Published Restaurant Review

  1. I couldn’t agree more! There comes a certain point during an indulgent weekend/vacation that I start getting really excited to start having some of my staple meals again. But like you, that doesn’t stop me from THOROUGHLY enjoying the treats 🙂 Apples and cheese will forever be one of my favourite combos and your bed-time snack speaks to my soul ha. Hope you have a great day!!

  2. Fantastic! All that food looks incredible, and I love how you had a yummy weekend but bounced back without any guilt 🙂 You rock! And so does that dessert. Pumpkin banana bread with PB AND chocolate!? I need that in my life!

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