Why has food gotten so complicated?

To me, life is about food and taking the complications out of it and just enjoying it for what it is – FOOD. Food is meant to nourish us – physically, emotionally, spiritually and yes, socially. Sometimes that means lots of fruits and veggies. Other times, that means a cupcake or two.  And guess what? That’s completely OKAY. As a matter of fact, it’s necessary to enjoy lives simple pleasures here and there for overall health and happiness.

My passion lies in living a balanced lifestyle without restriction, and one that includes everything. I don’t follow any strict diets or restrictions. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and food is meant to be pleasurable on our taste buds. Balance that extra dessert out with an extra serving of fruits or vegetables and you’ll be okay. You don’t have to eat salads for every meal for the rest of your life, but it is a good habit to try to include as many different colors throughout the week as you can. Food provides nutrients that are essential for us to live and thrive and feel good, but it also represents bonds between us and our culture.

Healthy looks completely different for everyone. 

Food has so much more purpose to our lives than just helping us survive, build muscle, provide nutrients – yes, all of those things are essential. However, food also brings people together, brings happiness and satisfaction, and creates memories. We shouldn’t fear food, and we shouldn’t let food dictate or have power over us. It is possible for food to be nutritious, taste good, and nourish our bodies and souls without feeling like you have to diet.