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Pasta From Scratch and Friday Favorites #17

Happy Friday! I can’t believe Easter weekend is here. We actually don’t have much on the Agenda – maybe an Easter brunch. But I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home with the hubs and pup. Hubby was gone all week so it’s nice to have him back. I have 20 miles on the agenda for Saturday, and then I plan on putting my feet up!

Last night I had the opportunity to learn how they make pasta at Aria Tuscan Grille with the Charlotte Food Bloggers. We even got to help with the sweet pea seasonal ravioli, and then eat it. It was so good!

pasta making pasta making

Other Weekly Highlights:

THIS! Charlotte through a wine glass. Such a pretty city.


I am loving learning more of the capabilities of my new Garmin. Plus, these race predictor times are very cool! But I’ve only done a few runs with it, so I know it will become a little more accurate with more runs to average in. Anyone have the watch and love it?


My sister is in Switzerland and doing her own little 3 week Europe extravaganza! She’s already been to Portugal, Paris and Spain, and she’s started her own little travel blog if you’re into that sorta thing. She sent our family this photo from Lucerne – no wonder Switzerland is on my bucket list!

Lucerne, Switzerland

Tater turned 8 months old, and what a little nugget she is. #Sospoiled


Definitely loving on these muffins…and plan to make another batch this weekend. I bought some blackberries that I may throw in. Gettin’ crazy over here.

Strawberry Banana Chickpea Muffins, gluten free, muffins

Knowledge Stuff

Despite the anti-carb diet fads, whole grains are still good for you

New labels to look out for on processed foods

Why are so many people taking Vitamin D? <– Controversial topic. Nearly 50% of my patients have been diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency. By blood standards, it is definitely common, namely because it’s tough to get enough Vitamin D from foods. Last fall, I was around 34, which is on the lower end of normal, and last week when I had it rechecked, it was 42. I’ve been taking supplements and trying to eat fish a few times a week!

Drool Stuff

Cinnamon Roll Scones via The Lean Green Bean

Chorizo Salsa Breakfast Bake via Miss Allie’s Kitchen

Coffee Marinated Steak Salad with Coffee Infused Balsamic Vinaigrette via Byte Sized Nutrition

I hope you have a great Easter!

Any fun plans? What are your “Easter foods”?


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  1. i’ve been dying to make pasta from scratch!! and your dog is SO dang cute omg. also i read this thing awhile back that said vitamin D is more of a hormone than a vitamin (not sure how true that is, but i went with it) and that a deficiency of it can actually cause a ton of different issues! so interesting, i had no idea.

  2. That event looks so fun! Food blogger events are always the best 🙂 I’m also having some serious wanderlust lately.. my sister is currently in Denmark so I know how it feels to live vicariously through photos haha. Thanks so much for sharing my salad. Hope you give it a try!

  3. What a cool cooking experience! And we don’t have any big Easter plans, but I know we’ll have a family dinner featuring ham, green beans, potatoes, salad and – the best part – fresh gluten free rolls!

  4. I definitely got bit by the travel bug when I went to Spain last summer. I’m ready to do some more exploring!!

    As for Vitamin D – my dad (who is so conscious about wearing sunscreen and getting his skin checked) told me that his dermatologist suggested that every one go out into the sun for at least 15 minutes without putting on sunscreen to help with Vitamin D. Apparently, we are too quick to put on sunscreen and block out any Vitamin D that we would get from the sun. Definitely interesting!

    1. I’ve heard the same things for Vitamin D. Tough to find that balance with sunscreen, but there is certainly benefit for Vitamin D in exposing skin without it!

  5. I did not realize vitamin D was controversial! But then I live far enough north that it’s hard for most people to get enough from the sun here.

  6. It was so fun watching them make pasta on your stories; I bet that pasta tasted incredible.

    I hope your 20 miles goes so well; those long runs can be so fun and tough at the same time. 🙂

    Happy Easter! I’m thankful this weekend to be reminded of the resurrection of Jesus and the hope He brought to the world!

  7. Oh my gosh that picture from Lucerne…. so beautiful!!! And now my travel bug is officially screaming.
    And TATER. Dear lord could she be any cuter? Happy birthday!
    I’ve definitely never made my own pasta but do think it would be fun to do so at some point. I can only imagine how much better it would taste. I’ve made homemade perogies and know they make a HUGE difference.

  8. Interesting about the vitamin d… never knew that!

    So fun you got to learn to make pasta from scratch. I would love doing that. Happy Friday girl!

  9. That looks so neat, making your own pasta. I make my own rice hahahahahaha
    I will be working on Easter, and all weekend, which I am ok with because it beats being alone and my coworker’s are cool. When I was little we used to go to the “sunrise service” at church at like 7:00AM and it was super cold at the lake. Glad I’m not doing that this year 🙂 Happy Easter!

  10. I have that Garmin! Unfortunately I haven’t been using it for workouts, so its hard to share much about that. I wear it all the time because it tracks steps and heart rate.Have a great weekend!