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Pasta Making at Aria Tuscan Grill

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to try Aria Tuscan’s Grill new spring menu, as well as see how they make their homemade ravioli!

We got the insight scoop with Executive Chef, Chris Bateman. Fun fact: Chris went to a cooking school in Italy last fall, and learned how they make pasta from scratch. He has used that knowledge and those skills to recreate his version of pasta from scratch at Aria, so you know you’re getting the authentic stuff.

Aria pasta making

Here’s a tid bit of what we learned and how we made the ravioli.

We took the dough, rolled it out, and put it through the pasta machine to thin it out. Doing this also activates the gluten!

Aria pasta making Aria pasta making Aria pasta making

You do this a few times. You don’t want air bubbles (air is your enemy!), so we worked on closing the ends completely. Chris then created each filling, going down the line of dough, to create the mini individual raviolis. At this point, you could boil the ravioli to cook immediately, or freeze it for later. A neat fact Chris shared was that if you do end up freezing it, when you take it out of the freezer, you should boil it right away rather than thawing it.

Aria pasta making Aria pasta making


And then we enjoyed some of their new spring items, including our sweet pea ravioli that we made. It is served with prosciutto, swiss chard and a butter sauce, and was absolutely delicious and refreshing.

Aria pasta making

Pappardelle Rosso with beef ragout, red wine pappardelle and ricotta salata.

Aria pasta making

Pasta al nero with lump crab, mussels, shrimp, linguine and a spicy arrabbiata sauce. So many awesome flavors in here!

Strozzapreti with rocket pesto, sundried tomatoes, and potatoes.

Aria pasta making

Everything was delicious and full of flavor, not to mention the beautiful presentation. And I have a much deeper appreciation for the process of homemade pasta now!

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