Pi Day Eats

  Mar 15, 2017  |  #Eats

Gooood Morning!

Yesterday was Pi day, and I hope you enjoyed something round (like pizza or a pie)!  Sidenote: did you guys have to memorize the first x amount of numbers for Pi? I think it was 8th grade where I could list the first 10 digits after the 3.1415…Not so much anymore.

So, let’s get to the day of eats! Tuesday started bright and early because I had to drop Tater off at the humane society by 7am. She got spayed yesterday (insert sad face emoji). I loaded an empty PB jar with some oats and blueberries for the trip.

peanut butter

After dropping her off, I stopped by the gym for a quick speed workout. I did a little progressive speed throughout Monday’s run, but Tuesday is typically more focused on speed. It was quick and efficient.

Starting with a half mile warm up, I then 3 minutes hard, 3 minutes easy for 30 minutes, followed by a half mile cooldown. I was hitting 7:10 pace for my hard minutes and felt pretty good.

speed work

After the gym, I had breakfast number two, a smoothie bowl with spinach, milk, frozen berries, peanut butter, and topped with hemp seeds and cereal. Anyone else always need a little crunch?

smoothie bowl

After some morning patients, I headed up to Firestorm Pizza with some coworkers for pizza to celebrate Pi day! They had personal pizzas and craft beers for $3.14. Oh, and some veggies on the side.

Pi day

Part of me is slightly envious of those of you snowed in! The idea seems so cozy, just cuddled up on the couch with some hot chocolate (or a hot toddy?), a nice book and some netflix marathons. I’m sure that’s not what the day actually looks like, but that’s what I think of when I hear snow day. We got a light dusting of snow on Sunday, but nothing substantial and nothing that stuck. It is chilly here though!

On Monday night, I made this tempeh hash with brussel sprouts, which made for easy leftovers on Tuesday night. I also added a side of my Crockpot Italian Roasted Potatoes, because they are life changing! So flavorful.

roasted tempeh

Crockpot Italian Potatoes

Then, some more circular foods (i.e. cookies) were consumed in honor of Pi day, but also in honor of satisfying my sweet tooth. And some cuddling with my four legged patient, who is recovering!

pi day

How many pi digits can you list after 3.14?

What’s your ideal snow day look like?

24 responses to “Pi Day Eats

  1. I didn’t even think to have pie on Pi day which is unfortunate because I love all kinds of pie. That pizza looks great too! I love those personal – style pizzas.

  2. I’m pretty sure all I ever had to know was 3.1415 and that’s all I know haha! Those pizzas look so good! I had a breakfast pizza for dinner to celebrate pi day 😀 Don’t be jealous of the snow storm…it’s now an icy nightmare for commuters on foot and in the car and it will be for a long while 🙁

  3. I will take Pi in any form, as long as it has nothing to do with math Me and math never got along and I have zero plans on trying to heal that relationship. Pizza and cookies and pie and any round food, though…sign me up! Those pizzas not only look delicious but also beautiful.

  4. I had snow day yesterday, well it was more of an ice day. I did a little workout, showered, then spent the rest of the day in my PJ’s doing some computer work, watching TV, and eating chili. It was wonderful, but back to reality today!

  5. 3.14159 is as far as I can get! I once watched a guy who can recite PI to the 1,000th decimal. It was amazing! I have a snow day today, so I will hopefully read a lot, get some client work done and also do a bit of blogging.

  6. Yet, again. I am so jealous of your eats. I used to go to blaze all the time when we lived right next to one (it is the same as Firestorm).. I did have some fun stuff though, mostly slathering my cauliflower pizza crust in my kale hummus and going to town on that. I was going to be more creative and then was like NAAAAAH

  7. Im sure I learned more of the digits at some point but I completely forgot them all! We had some snow yesterday, but also freezing rain. Now its really cold and everything has frozen. Its a mess! I was really happy to stay home yesterday but Im not at all excited to venture back out today.

  8. Oh boy, I’m terrible at the digits after 3.14. Isn’t it like 3.141516? That’s probably wrong.

    And how old was Tater? I need to get my puppy neutered, but I wanted to wait until the most optimal time (so he doesn’t get traumatized.)

    Also, I really was loving how you got those INCREDIBLE pizzas for such a cheap price on Pi day. This PI day is really becoming a thing. And I’m totally with you there on crunch in the smoothie bowls; putting some sort of cereal, nuts, or chocolate or cookies makes up for that lack of crunch. 🙂 What’s your absolute favorite thing to put in your smoothie bowls?

    1. She is 7 months! I wanted to do it earlier but timing just wasn’t working out. But she’s recovering nicely – she just has so much energy that it’s more about keeping her calm this week. How old is your pup? And I love adding cocao nibs as a crunchy topping!

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