Pip's Original Donuts

  Oct 12, 2015  |  #Portland

Theseeeee donuts are my favorite donuts in Portland – better than Voodoo and Blue Star, in my opinion.

They are worth the wait. I went around 930 on a Sunday morning and waited in a line out the door for 20 minutes. After ordering, I waited another 25 minutes or so inside with a cup of coffee. The second time I went the wait was much shorter so it really depends on the day.

They have great chai flights and coffees you can order. As far as the donuts, they are very small, so you don’t feel guilty. There are only 6 flavors which makes choices easier – they may not have as much a variety but they specialize in what they do. I loved the Candied Maple Bacon and the Honey and sea salt the best. You can order anywhere from 4-12 donuts so go enjoy 6..or 12.


andddd time two 🙂


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