Rainy Day Eats

  Oct 25, 2017  |  #Eats

We’re halfway through the week, guys!

We heard the baby’s heartbeat on Monday, which is always so exciting and reassuring at the same time. Only a few more weeks until we know the gender, ahhh! I can’t believe this is week 17. It’s actually gone by really quickly, so far.

These eats are from Monday, which was a rainy day. I feel like my eats reflected the rainy, yucky weather.


I have been craving eggs for most of my pregnancy, and loving the higher protein breakfast of eggs, toast and bacon. On Monday, though, I really wanted a cozy bowl of oatmeal given the rainy morning we had. I loaded it with strawberries, banana, frozen mango, hemp seeds, chia seeds and a big glob of Sunbutter. If you love drippy peanut butter, you’ll love Sunbutter.

What I Ate Wednesday

I added a little yogurt and some protein powder after this picture for a bit of a protein boost. I still needed a morning snack a couple hours later. I went a little longer due to our OB-GYN appointment, but come that 10:30-11am time frame, I was starving. Morning snack happened in the car so no picture, but it was pumpkin yogurt with some cinnamon chex for some crunch. I also stopped to get a caffeine free tea because rainy weather requires warm tea if you ask me!


I’ve been all about the rotisserie chicken lately. I love just buying it on Sunday and having it last through the week. I’ve been throwing it over salads, stirfry bowls and just snacking on it as is. It’s pre-seasoned and I love the flavor.

What I Ate Wednesday

This was some barley with spinach, arugula, green beans, red pepper and hummus, topped with some soy sauce and hot sauce along with a diet coke. Pregnancy has me sick of drinking just water throughout the day.

Also, some babybel cheese and dark chocolate (I love this chocolate when I can get my hands on it).

What I Ate Wednesday

I skipped out on my afternoon run due to the weather and wanting to go home and be in sweatpants.


I really only feel like “cooking” a couple times a week. Pregnancy just has me wanting easy, quick comfort food meals. Especially when I have clients until 6 or later, there’s no way I’m coming home to cook. Lately, the gem of a husband I have usually makes dinner. We did a twist on grilled cheese and tomato soup (again, perfect for a rainy day), by adding turkey and spinach. We used Dave’s Killer Seed Bread, which is my favorite bread. I reheated some sad broccoli on the side that wasn’t that good but needed to be used.

What I Ate Wednesday

Bedtime Snack

I haven’t woken up a lot during then night hungry because I’m pretty consistent with a bed time snack. But, if I don’t have a snack, I’ll be more likely to wake up starving. This snack was a combo of Turkey Hill’s Cookies and Cream + Campfire S’Mores ice cream plus a brownie. I saw the recipe on Cora’s blog and had to make it. The brownies were too soft for me, I was hoping they would harden a bit.

I like soft brownies but I like them to have a little structure! Any good pumpkin brownie recipes that you’ve made?

What I Ate Wednesday

Favorite night time snack?

Do you crave different foods on rainy days?

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17 responses to “Rainy Day Eats

  1. Looks like an awesome day in eats! I am definitely seasonal about what I eat and drink. If it’s hot I want all the salads, sandwiches and smoothies. When it’s cold, I want soup, tea and hot coffee.

  2. I love rotisserie chicken as well! I mean it works with everything! I have been craving Ramen and soups in the cool weather. Sidenote: We live in Japan so it is like yummy Ramen not the store stuff. lol

  3. I somehow missed your pregnancy announcement so first of all CONGRATS! That’s so exciting and I can’t wait to see what the gender is. And YES on rainy days I totally crave different foods. So weird how that happens, but the rain definitly effects your mood.

  4. Very much agree about the brownies. Mine came out really delicious taste wise, but I definitely had to put them in the fridge right away and keep them there anytime before eating, or else they are too soft. Dan loves them though so, that’s a win.

    At first I missed reading a couple words and thought you were eating Turkey and ice cream (missed the Turkey Hill BRAND part)… but I was just like, eh… that’s pregnancy for you. Haha.

    1. I think if I expected them to be soft, it wouldn’t have been such a surprise. But alas, they are in the fridge now! They will still be eaten certainly 🙂

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