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Random Order Coffee House

Random Order Coffee House is known for their delicious homemade pies. They’ve been recognized as one of America’s best pie spots by Food and Wine and the Vanilla Salted Caramel Apple was named America’s best pie by Travel and Leisure. Needless to say, thie girl had to try some PIE!

I came in the morning, excited at the thought of ordering a slice of tasty, sugary pie for breakfast alongside my coffee. I was stumped on which flavor to pick, but ultimately, I went with the Tahitian Vanilla Sugar Salted Caramel Apple because it was a travel and leisure award winner and prior reviews raved about it. I’m not sure I got the best piece as my slice didn’t have strong apple or caramel flavor, but the whip cream helped 🙂

Random Order Pie

Random Order Pie to Go

Here’s a picture of the pretty pie in entirety.

Next time, I would try the banana or coconut cream pie and hopefully they will get rave, 5 star reviews.


I’m Backkk and I tried the Banana Cream Pie. It was so creamy and delicious – hands down the best banana pie I’ve ever had. They even gave me ample whip cream, my favorite part. I wish I didn’t eat this so fast, but it was pretty darn easy to finish by myself.

Random Order Pie 3

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