7 Things I Did This Weekend

  Aug 29, 2016  |  #Weekend recap

Good morning! I hope you’re feeling rather kind this morning because I have a favor to ask you.

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1. Happy Hour on Friday after my last client. There’s no better way to start the weekend, am I right?

friday happy hour

2. I hosted an early morning sports nutrition focused running chat at Run For Your Life on Saturday morning. It was a very interactive group for 6:30 am, which makes it more fun!

Sports Nutrition

3. Knocked out my longest run to date, 16 miles, with  a training group. My fueling plan seemed to work really well. I had 1/2 PBJ before my talk and then about an hour later, I had the other 1/2 of my PBJ before the run. Around mile 8, I needed some more fuel, and had some Sports Beans. I had half of a huma gel at mile 11, and the other half at mile 14. Since I did this with a training group, we stopped at water stops often, so I was also well hydrated!


4. Made this lovely and super tasty smoothie bowl after my run.

Smoothie Bowl

5. Met up with Sara from Oats and Rows for a blogger lunch at Sabor! PS – she is launching an ONLINE personal training program. 

I had so much trouble deciding what to order, but I eventually decided on the empanada with chorizo, a fish taco, and yukka fries. Everything was delicious, but the yukka fries won me over.

Sabor Latin Grill

6. I lounged. Alot. Caught up on my netflix shows and reading. I just started this book and I think it’s going to be a game changer in terms of writing about food.

Food Blogging, book

Also ate a lot of food and iced in the hours I lived on the couch.


7. There was an outdoor summer festival at D9 Brewing with live music and food trucks, so I stopped by there for a little bit with some friends.

d9, reader survey

I barely left the house on Sunday, except for a brief shakeout run. It was so nice to knock out a bunch of laundry, cleaning and meal prep. Also, I finished photographing a sweet potato recipe I’m sharing with ya’ll Wednesday! For dinner on Sunday, I made hemp crusted tofu from Dixya’s blog, which I highly recommend if you’re looking at a tasty way to include tofu in your diet. More about that in my vegetarian recipes round up!

hemp crusted tofu

So, that’s a pretty standard weekend over here – maybe a little more lowkey than others, but definitely welcomed.

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40 responses to “7 Things I Did This Weekend

  1. Great week for you and super job on the long run!!! How cool you hosted a running chat focused on nutrition. I appreciate the offer for nutrition and weight loss you offered on my post about my body scan. I giving it a month and see what trends have happened then I may reach out for help. 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up Sarah!

  2. The way you knock out those runs with such careful attention to fueling and nutrition is so cool Sarah. I love learning from my R.D. friends on how they work out and fuel themselves; you give me ideas. 🙂 And weekends always are for chilling after a long run. 🙂

  3. I love reading BucketListTummy. Keep up the good work Sarah. The recipes are some of the best I’ve seen (and the food is so colorful!). I am not a runner sadly, but am pulling for you with your goals.
    The posts on Vancouver brought back fond memories of a trip a few years ago. What a fantastic place that is!

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