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  Nov 22, 2017  |  #Eats

I have no doubt that if I were doing this post next week, eats would look a lot different. Maybe I’ll have to write a similar post filled with all of the food we enjoyed in South Africa. South Africa has been amazing so far, I’ve been posting a lot of the wild animals we see on my stories – so exciting!

But, in the meantime, here is what some of the normal food outings have looked like around here – just keeping it simple.

I haven’t really cooked any extravagant recipes over the last few months, but that still doesn’t mean we’re ordering take out every night. Keep those convenient staple foods on hand so you can put together a quick meal when you need it – eggs + toast + veggies, frozen fish or chicken sausage + sweet potato + steamed broccoli, mac and cheese, etc.


A bowl of fluffy oats (egg some egg whites while cooking to enhance the protein and fluffiness factor) cooked in A2 milk + mashed banana + frozen bluebs + Chocolate PB Cheerios (my latest obsession) + hefty dose of drippy sunflower butter (also, an obsession).

Recent Eats

Frozen waffles + banana + blueberries + maple syrup + scrambled eggs.

Recent Eats

This was at a local networking/business breakfast. Eggs + potatoes + fruit. The eggs were really good, they had some cheese and herbs in them. I went up for seconds 🙂

Recent Eats


It’s always a good night when Tater decides to snuggle with me on the couch. She’s 50/50 on whether she wants to snuggle with Ed or me, or lay on the floor while we watch tv at night. Usually if I have a snack, though, I win the battle. She loves popcorn as much as her mommy!

Recent Eats

Dark chocolate + peanuts. There’s no better combo than PB and chocolate if you ask me.

Recent Eats


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK. It talks about Roxane’s struggle with her body and weight throughout her life after some tragic experiences growing up. It really sheds a whole new light on the Health at Every Size movement, and how our world is so fat-phobic. My heart was breaking reading her talk about her pasts and experiences. I’d love this to be required for all medical professionals, though, so people could really understand that fat phobia and bias.

This heavy reading was served alongside some mac ‘n cheese.

Recent Eats

I was working from home one day and wanted a sweet and savory lunch. So, kodiak cake pancakes + some yogurt + fruit + sunbutter + scrambled eggs.

Recent Eats


Some fried chicken tenders while at a football game. I like both ketchup and honey mustard for dipping, so why choose between them? I hadn’t had Bojangles in forever and these were gooooood.

Some frozen salmon + my balsamic maple rosemary roasted veggies + roasted potatoes. Soooo good.

Recent Eats


Oh my gosh you guys. There is this one pound donut at Stoke that has been on my Charlotte bucket list forever. A few weeks ago, we got dinner (and dessert) with some friends before seeing the Jim Gaffigan comedy show. It was really good. There’s a cream puff stuffing in the middle topped with heath bar pieces. The four of us finished it. I would eat it again for sure!

Recent Eats

So, tell me:

What yummy eats have you been eating lately?

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  1. I had me some chicken tenders the other night, and then some “fake” chicken tenders (vegan) at work. The craving is definitely still going. They’re just so good.

    One pound donut. Just let me salivate over that one for a bit….

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