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Recent Eats and What I Ate Wednesday

Hi friends,

With all of my posts from South Africa, I haven’t showed you much of what we’ve been chomping on over here! What better way than to show some recent eats than to link up with the WIAW crew?

I have all these random food images saved on my phone from the last few weeks so consider this post just a way of showing them all to you!


Toasts with eggs and oranges. I am loving citrus fruits right now. Plus, I’m sure all this Vitamin C has got to be helpin’ a girl out. I’ve had the sniffles for the last two weeks. I think some of it is pregnancy congestion – is that a thing?

Egg, turkey sausage and cheese sandwich from Bruegger’s. Sometimes before my early clients, I treat myself to coffee and a bagel. It gives me something to look forward to after an early wake up call. It seems to be working out well.

Recent Eats

A mixture of overnight oats + yogurt + fruit + cereal + PB. I know it looks great but it’s so creamy and delicious.

Recent Eats

Eggo waffles with all the toppings! These coconut chips are my favorite. Granola for a little crunch, yogurt for a little creamy and fruit for a little sweet.

Recent Eats


Pecan Dark chocolate pumpkin bread (sans pecans for me–> allergy) with peanut butter.

Recent Eats

Sourdough bread with sunbutter and raisins, plus some necessary chocolate.

Recent eats

Cake pops and latte’s for a coffee date with Sam!

Recent Eats

Gingerbread cookies – these turned out amazing! Would highly recommend this recipe. I made these on Sunday night, thinking they would last the week to take to Pennsylvania for the holidays, but NO WAY. I ate three on Sunday night and two on Monday for breakfast. They are too good to resist!

Recent Eats


Lots of pizza! My pizza kick continues.

Recent Eats

Red potato pizza with rosemary and a peppermint cannoli! Inizio pizza had us in to try their new seasonal pizza, which was delicious.

Recent Eats

Steak fajitas from Mestizo, a local mexican joint. Have been eating out more lately because I’ve been catching up with friends and coworkers, but also because I’m still not really feeling cooking, unless it’s super easy. I’m purposely buying less groceries.

Steak Fajitas

Sheet pan shrimp and veggies <– This is an EASY recipe with minimal clean up that I can handle. We ate 3 batches of this last week.

Sheet Pan Honey Ginger Shrimp and Veggies #sheetpandinners #shrimp #quickdinner #seafood

I have been really enjoying having some sweets in my afternoon snacks. It seems that’s when I’m craving sweets the most. And by letting myself enjoy it then, I stop thinking about it the rest of the day. This is what I tell clients when they start to freak out about sugar intake over the holidays. There really is no reason to freak out – if you let yourself have a cookie every single day, eventually you will not want a cookie. But if you still want that cookie every single day, that’s okay too. It may be meeting an emotional or physical need for you. You don’t need to view sugar as evil over the holidays.

If we micromanaged or thought about fruits and veggies as much as we demonized sugars, I think we’d be pretty surprised at how much our intake balances out in the long run.

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What foods have you been enjoying lately?


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  1. Raisins are such a staple from my childhood – they go well on everything! Creamy overnight oats are the only way I do overnight oats 🙂

  2. That potato pizza was seriously calling my name, and I love how you do PB toast. Raisins or craisins are some of my favorite toppings for PB toast. I also love chocolate. Those Ghirardelli squares are some of our favorites; someone blessed us with a huge bag from church.

    Also…. can I have some of your overnight oats? That bowl looks indescribably creamy!

  3. Something about how you scramble/mash your egg onto your toast, always looks soooo good. Do you just fry it then chop it up? Aha… weirdest question. Also, I think the weirder/mushier overnight oat bowls look, the better.

    Excited for the day we get to go on a pizza date. You’re the pro.

    1. To be honest, I realllly miss my runny eggs but since those are off limits with pregnancy, I’ve found a new found love for scrambled eggs! Yep – I just scramble them (usually with a little butter, cheese, salt, pepper and italian seasoning) and just throw it on my toast!

  4. Those cookies look so good! I did a lot of cooking and baking last weekend, including ginger muffins and sugar cookies. Im hoping to do a little more this weekend but not sure there will be time before the holiday madness begins!

  5. Ha ha sometimes as Dietitians we have to remind ourselves we have to follow the same thigns we tell our clients. I’ve been baking cookies and eating them too, I had a mini freak out (mostly because I’m not able to workout that much right now) then I reminded myself it doesn’t work like run 6 miles eat 6 cookies anyways.

  6. You just reminded me to make cake pops for my sisters boyfriend on Sunday for his Christmas gift! Thank you! Putting that one on the calendar right now 🙂
    Lately I’ve been eating a lot of egg sandwiches. The just taste right for lunch everyday. I’ve also been switching between peanut butter and sunflower butter. I’m always a fan of Pb, but I’ve realized that sunflower butter isn’t too expensive when I buy it as a treat. Cheaper than almond butter that’s for sure!
    I have the sniffles and a sore throat too. I actually think my sore throat was due to dairy. Last Sunday I ate a lot of yogurt and cheese when trying to finish things up in my fridge (gettting ready to move ya know) and then I woke up with a sore throat. This has happened before so I just need to be mindful. Don’t eat two cups of yogurt for lunch and then essentially feta cheese and crackers for dinner. Lol lesson learned

    1. I wish you could make cake pops for me – I am obsessed with them! Egg sandwiches are also a fave – so easy and always delicious. Hope you feel better soon Ellie!

  7. Potato pizza sounds like it would be delicious! The bagel sandwich is now making me want to drive to my favorite deli and get one…thanks a lot 😉 Lately I’ve been about the leftovers which isn’t the most exciting but necessary. I’m excited to head to Chicago tonight so I can eat at my favorite restaurants there.