Recent Eats, Friday Favorites #13 and Nutrition News

  Jan 27, 2017  |  #Favorites

HI lovelies! I’m back for another addition of Friday favorites. I have to give some props to myself for getting this together two weeks in a row! This week was an exciting one – lots of yummy stuff!

Food from the week 

I snacked on  this baked oatmeal all week. I subbed chocolate chips for the raisins and added chopped apples, because there are only a few things better than baked apples + cinnamon.


I’m really digging these Enlightened Roasted Broad Beans as a snack. They are the perfect “crunchy” snack and full of protein and fiber. They sent me a bunch to try, and I’ve been letting clients sample them too! The cocoa dusted is my favorite, but the sweet cinnamon and mesquite bbq are close behind.

broad beans

My sunflower chickpea chocolate chip bars – I have been crumbling them and having them over smoothies!

smoothie bowl

Charlotte Restaurant Week! Last night, I went out with the girls for dinner at Essex! Loved their Restaurant Week line up because you got to choose TWO entrees, plus an app and dessert. More food = winning.

Essex Charlotte Essex Charlotte

Speed workouts in 60 degree weather. Loved having Ed with me – he helped pace me through the intervals and call out my times.

I’ll be sharing the workout on Monday!

running, speed workout

Shout Outs

Shout out to Emily, who made my pumpkin granola bars!

granola bars

And Cora has shared beautiful photos of my blueberry sweet potato bread, salmon zucchini patties and sweet potato turkey burgers. Thanks for the love, ladies!

sweet potato turkey burgers


Nutrition in the News

5 Myths about Clean Eating via Real Mom Nutrition 

—> Read HERE why I hate the term, “Clean Eating”

111 Uses for Coconut Oil –> keeping eggs fresh? Help relieve cold (not sure I believe that one)? These are interesting though!

Is Meat manly?  —> Interesting read about how society puts pressure on male/female food choices

How a full spice cabinet can make you healthy —> Spices and herbs are home to so many nutrients. I am trying to include them more in my cooking for good reason!

Busting the 3 biggest weight loss myths via Avocado a Day Nutrition 

What You Should Make This Weekend

Peanut Butter Crusted Sweet Potato Fries via Joy Food Sunshine 

Tahini Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread via Strength and Sunshine


I’m off to take Tater to the groomer, eeeek. I found some images on Pinterest of how I want her to look, I will admit that I am very particular about her curls. I’m that mom, ha.

Any fun plans for the weekend? I’ll be attending a health/fitness expo, getting a long run in, hopefully doing brunch and seeing a movie! The perfect balance, if you ask me.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever put peanut butter on? I added it to a veggie burger and liked it!

38 responses to “Recent Eats, Friday Favorites #13 and Nutrition News

  1. The baked oatmeal looks tempting! I will follow the ingredients but, I will use chocolate chips, just like you did.
    I think it’s a perfect breakfast, I’ll pin this, and will bake it over the weekend. Yayy! So excited!
    My fun plans for the weekend is to have a barbecue family day, and will take a little dip in the pool with the kids! Btw, do you have any recipes that include pumpkins? Thanks!

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