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Recent Eats

Happy Wednesday! I hope you had a great 4th of July!

What better day than to show a day of eats with the WIAW crew. I’m not consistent about taking pictures of all of my meals. I know you’d think I am, judging by instagram and this blog, but really, lots of my meals are just regular meals that I don’t feel the need to take photos of.

Ellie left a great comment on one of my past posts, talking about how not all food needs to be extravagant, beautiful, or heck, even the tastiest thing ever. Sometimes, you just eat what’s there, or put together something based on what food you have at home. I think I’ll write more about this in the future- I just need to remember to take more pictures of my standard meals!

Here’s some of my recent eats, some photos included.


Since getting back from Chicago, breakfast has been lots of oatmeal and frozen waffles.

Some loaded waffles, and then attempted to get some red in the picture to be more patriotic.


Overnight oats in the car after hot yoga. It’s definitely not always extravagant.

overnight oats

A waffle sandwich on the go.

what i ate wednesday

And, just tons of iced coffee. Like I can’t get enough.

What I ate wednesday


My favorite snack lately has been this white cheddar popcorn! May or may not have gone through a bag in a couple days. recent eats


Lunches have been sporadic. I haven’t felt like cooking much, so lunches have looked like leftovers from when I did cook, or eating out.

Like this yummy veggie burger from Crafty Burger.

What I Ate Wednesday

When I’m home for lunch, I’ve made eggs and toast.

What I Ate Wednesday

Summer hot dogs with sweet potato fries. This was a good one.

What I Ate Wednesday


I was on my own a few nights last week for dinner, and I just threw lazy ingredients together. I think one night I had two bowls of cereal. But, I’ve had some more fun things since then!

Earlier this week, our neighbors had us over for some crawfish cakes, grilled watermelon and cauliflower salad. Plus, good company. Everything was delicious.

Mark this down as the first time I had crawfish cakes. I think this was only the second time in my life having crawfish too. Have you guys had it? What do you think?

What I ate wednesday What I ate wednesday

Mexican Street Corn Dip. I hope to share the recipe soon!Recent Eats

Black bean burgers with roasted sweet potato

recent eats


No shortage of Yasso Bars, obviously. And this Breyer’s Cookies ‘n Cream Ice Cream is one of my faves. So oh-mah-gawd creamy. And the oreo chunks, yes please.

recent eatsrecent eats

Stay tuned – I have a fun giveaway for you tomorrow!

Best thing you ate recently?

How did you celebrate the 4th?

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  1. OMG so many delish eats!! Between the picture in this post and a picture I saw on Instagram, I’m totally wanting some fries. I told the guy I’m running with tomorrow that we’re going out for a burger and fries date afterwards because the craving is real haha. And that cookies & cream ice cream looks UH-mazing. That’s my fave flavor. The weather has been so crazy humid that a big bowl of that sounds perfect right about now. The best thing I’ve ate recently was a cake I made for my family on the 4th of July. We still have leftovers and I’m about to cut myself a big slice, yum 🙂 !


  2. Ooh I could go for some of that ice cream right now! All your food looks so good. I used to sometimes take pictures of my food but Ive moved away from that over the past year or so, mostly just because I forget to do ti!

  3. Ellie’s right. Not every meal has to be extravagant. It does look like you’ve been eating pretty delicious lately though. 🙂 I celebrated the Fourth of July with weekend at my aunt’s in Kansas and then a barbecue at my boyfriend’s house. I got to have my grandpa’s homemade potato salad–a family favorite!

  4. So many delicious eats! Have you seen the Breyer’s is coming out with a low-calorie option like Halo Top and Arctic Zero? I haven’t seem them in stores yet but I’m happy big name ice cream companies are catching on. They have reputations to uphold so hopefully their flavors stack up!

  5. Mad props to your overnight oats in a Skippy jar. Skippy is my true love. I hate having to stir the natural peanut butters hahahaha. All your food looked delicious! That waffle sandwich!? Yes please!

  6. That hot dog looks to-die-for and make me glad I bought hot dogs over the weekend. All of this looks super yummy. And I’m with you, sometimes I’m just not feeling cooking. Lately, I have also been solo in the evenings due to the hubby’s work schedule. I have found myself making dinner, since I leave him a plate, but actually packing mine for lunch the next day because I’m just not in the mood to eat it. I’ve been enjoying English muffins topped with banana and PB or cereal much more often in the evenings. So easy!