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Recent Meals and Snacks

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As you guys know, I was in Georgia last weekend visiting my parents. Today is sort of a photo dump of the meals and snacks I ate while there.

Also, hopefully, you bear with me for the randomness of this post. I share these posts because I know many of you like them based on feedback, but also to provide some inspiration for meals and snacks. Because I think we can all get bored with our regular routine.

And also, I like to share that ALL food is on the table with these posts. I always have some sort of “desserts” or sweets because that’s a commonplace thing for me to enjoy.

So, these posts definitely encompass them and are as authentic as I can be.


Breakfasts were lots of eggs with toasts or bagels. We had oatmeal a few days too but I didn’t have all of my staple toppings (although I did bring hemp seeds and this peanut butter).

avocado toast, fruit, eggs and bacon on white plate bagel with half peanut butter, half cream cheese, eggs with spinach and a banana on paper plate

I took Cam to my favorite coffee shop and we shared this bagel and a scone one morning. And I went back another morning for the cinnamon bun and an iced latte.

I love supporting this local coffee shop so whenever I visit, I stop in as much as I can.

Plus, they have delicious cinnamon buns, which if you know, that’s sort of my thing 🙂

bagel with egg cheese and bacon on a white paper plate

cinnamon bun and iced coffee on wooden table at coffee shop


Lots of Fage 5% yogurt because that’s basically all I’ll eat now.

Fage 5% plain yogurt tub with cheerios and fruit on granite countertop

Post workout smoothie bowl with this vanilla protein powder, peanut butter, frozen berries and cow’s milk, topped with multigrain cheerios, dried craisins, and coconut flakes.

Purple smoothie bowl topped with cereal

A little donut and cupcake from a vegan cafe, also a local spot I like to support.

small donut and chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting in to go box

Other Meals

Cam’s first real french fry! She’s had homemade SP fries before. We enjoyed these with fried shrimp, fish sandwiches and hush puppies by the water.

So nice and relaxing except for the gnats. I knew Georgia had gnats in the summer time but they were so bad this visit!

baby strapped in booster seat eating french fry hush puppies with french fries and side of cole slaw

A quiche with chorizo and a sweet potato salad.

quiche on to go platter with sweet potatoes in box

Cam lovesss spaghetti (who knew babies could slurp?), so of course we had to make some one night. Added chicken, tomatoes, spinach, cheese and sauce.

spaghetti with chicken, tomatoes and parmesan cheese in white serving bowl

This was another night out. Salmon with some sort of noodles and veggies.

noodles with vegetables and salmon filet on white serving plate

There was also lots of this back at the house. My mom stocks up on ice cream whenever we visit.

I hadn’t tried Alden’s before but I will say that the cookies and cream flavor was delicious! Sometimes I mix things like peanut butter and cereal in.

ice cream topped with cheerios in a white bowl

We also had some beautiful weather and pretty sunsets. We spent so much time outside with lots of walking and by the pool, but not much to show for it.

road with trees on the side on a sunny day

Now, it’s back into the swing of things. It’s been a busy week before we have Cam’s first birthday party this weekend!


What have you been enjoying lately?

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  1. Oh it looks beautiful!!

    You know I’d be with you at that coffeeshop with a cinnamon bun and scone of my own. Though I’m all over those bagels as well.

  2. While paper plates aren’t ideal all the time, sometimes you do what you gotta do. When my entire extended family gets together, we solely use paper plates since it would otherwise mean someone is constantly washing dishes and wouldn’t be able to relax.

    That cinnamon roll looks amazing! Local places are usually the best so it’s great to support them.