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Redirecting energy, races, and Diners, Drive Ins and Dives

Hiiii guys. I hope you had a great weekend!

Luckily, the weather in Charlotte is warming back up after last week’s snow. It was 68 degrees yesterday! I made sure to get out and get some Vitamin D. I took these little guys on my walk. Always need fuel, right?

dates with pb

So, intro question: how do you guys channel or redirect negative energy? Like frustration or lack of motivation, or even just “blah”? I found myself just feeling “blah” recently, with literally no energy to do a thing. But then, after doing nothing (can you really do “nothing”?) for a bit, I realized that really wasn’t what I was seeking after all, and that made me feel worse. I went for a run to clear my mind and found that did the trick.

I think it’s the endorphins from exercise that helped, and even the idea of challenging myself and having some time to just clear my mind and get out of the prior mindset. Usually, I keep pretty busy and there’s no time to even think about this, but I’m trying to have some “go to” activities on hand if the dark cloud feeling strikes again. What do you usually do to redirect your mindset or negative feelings?

Anyway, what fun things did you do last week or accomplish? Thanks to Meg for hosting Week in Review – here’s a little recap of last week and the weekend.

We crossed off TWO bucket list restaurants during Restaurant week, Copper and BLT Steak. Basically, BLT should be the bloggie’s namesake restaurant because we’re twinsiesss! However, they are an extremely classy bunch, located in the Ritz. Their normal menu does not appeal to my wallet, but Restaurant Week is such a great deal, it’s hard NOT to go.  I had some cauliflower risotto, some salmon with kombucha squash, and peanut butter chocolate mousse. This is everything in life, ya’ll. Must recreate ASAP.

IMG_4167 IMG_4171

I stated some nutrition education materials for a few projects I’m working on. Timely, huh?



We went to Pit Road Bar and Grille, a place that was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. They have a bar and grill AND an indoor go-kart track. We tried these moon pie mini burgers because that’s what Guy Fieri had. I was a little hesitant at first, but I love chocolate and I love burgers – imagine both together. They were actually pretty amazing. I’d eat them again.

We planned on doing go-kart racing too at the same venue, but the wait was too long. Dangg, I was really looking forward to go-karting! Remember when laser tag used to be cool too?!

IMG_4162 moon pie

I made an amazingly yummy tahini, kale and roasted chickpea salad. This was a win. I will share the recipe on Wednesday! Roasted chickpeas are da bomb diggity..

kale chickpea salad

I also made a huge brunch for 1 (table for 1?) with lots of pancakes and eggs. I woke up craving pancakes and a hangry girl needs what a hangry girl needs.


I also watched the hubs compete in a 8k race and his team won! Prizes included growler’s to a local brewery, so we obviously headed over there after the race. Running and beer complement each other so well.

ed running triple C

I, myself, had a really good long run this weekend, but I also had a really horrible run this week. It’s funny how you can feel SO BAD during a run and then turn around and knock it out the next day. My ‘bad’ run had to do with a poorly picked and timed pre-run snack, which goes to emphasize how important those snack choices can be!

And, we completed a painting (This was on my bucket list). We made a little date night out of it, as part a “wine and design” night. We specifically picked this date because it was the Charlotte skyline!  It was the perfect atmosphere with trendy 90’s jams playing in the background and the teacher directing us on strokes and colors up front. Everyone’s painting came out so different but looked so nice in its own way. I’m proud of ours 🙂

wine design

How do you motivate yourself during “blah” feelings?

Have you ever been to a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives place? What did you think?

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  1. I like that Drive ins, Diners, and Dives show. I don’t know if I would have the courage to order the Moon Pie Burger. I like Moon Pies and Burgers, but I’m not sure about the combination of the two. Nice job on the paintings. I’ve always wanted to do a Corks and Canvas date night.

  2. I saw that episode of DDD! But, I don’ t know if I would be brave enough to try the moon pie burgers! But, the go karts would be fun! Your painting looks so cool! I agree with Tricia though – my husband is a paint contractor too, so I can’t ever get him to paint anything at home! LOL

  3. I’m going to have to pass on the moon pie burger because I’m not even a moon pie eater. BUT pass on over that PB mouse oh wow makes my mouth water just looking at all that deliciousness! I love salmon so I’d be down with that as well! I have to say you picked an excellent choice of taking a run to get you out of that slump, works for me every single time! I don’t even have to be out there long either! What a fun date night with you and the hubs, I don’t think I could get mine to do that. He’s a paint contractor so coming home to paint would not be at the top of his list lol! Thanks Sarah for linking up with us! I do hope you have a better week!

  4. i love restaurant week for that reason! and i discover a few eew restaurants that i like and wouldnt have other wise tried 🙂 also, i love your blog name!

  5. How fun, I’ve always wanted to do one of those wine and canvas things! My husband also had a run this past weekend – Frostbite marathon relay. The best part of any race is the post finish line beer 🙂

  6. I hear ya… those times when you’re so tired and not motivated so you think you’ll feel better if you take some time to just chill and veg… but that only seems to perpetuate the lack of energy! I just felt like this. I feel like the best way to get out of them is to do what you did… literally get up and out! Well done! also, your eats look so good! I want those brunch pancakes!! YUM!

  7. Exercise is definitely my favorite way to make myself feel better. I just need to be careful to not overdo it. If I know it’s not healthy for me to exercise away the blahs I call a friend or talk to someone in person, being social always helps pick my mood up too 🙂

    1. I agree that there is an extent for exercise – you don’t want to use it to solve all of your troubles or “low” points. Talking to a friend always helps too!

  8. Triple C is my favorite! I love the relaxed atmosphere and that I can bring my dog. When it comes to feeling “blah” I just go with it. It’s almost trial and error for me to figure out how to snap out of it. Usually exercise, doing something outdoors, taking a nap, or doing something for me does the trick!

  9. Wow those pancakes look amazingggg. When I feel blah I go outside for a walk or get some fresh air, do something that relaxes me like listen to music or watch Netflix, or go to Yoga. Love snuggling with my pets too when I’m in a blah mood. 🙂

  10. I’ve gone to a couple of DDD recommendations and thought they were alright, but nothing I was like OH MY GOD! I think that when I’ve had those amazing experiences at restaurants I’ve also been with amazing people, which makes food taste better.
    When I get the blahs I take myself to the gym and ride the bike with a book…so lie on my bed and read a book and try to cuddle with my cat. Sometimes works if he’s not too feisty =P
    Have a great week!

  11. I would absolutely eat the moonpie burgers. We had Krispy Kreme donut burgers at our local fair for a few years. I still like to ride Go Carts. We do that at the beach every summer with our teens. This reminds me — when one of my kids was really small, I was driving the Go Cart and he was riding with me. We were flagged back into the pit area to stop. After stopping, someone slammed into us from behind. Her flipflop got stuck under the gas pedal. It was pretty traumatic for my tot at the time. I did not make it to our hometown wine painting place before it closed and I really wanted to try that. Thanks for linking with us Sarah!

  12. I would love to try that cauliflower risotto. You definitely have to splurge at restaurant week. although it’s too bad about the go karts. That could have been a ton of fun.

    When I’m feeling funky, exercise or a dance party usually helps. Either that or a nap or some food. Half the time I’m just tired or hungry. Clearly I have the needs of a small child. 🙂

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

  13. I’ve been to few Triple D spots, and so far, there have been a few hits and some serious misses! But some very tasty successes. We’ve done a wine and painting thing with friends and it was fun, but the one we went to would’ve benefited from a different subject matter (it is hard to have human subjects on paintings, you know?). When I have those blah times, it is generally because I am doing too much or not doing enough. To me, it means that the balance is off. So first, I have to figure out which on it is! Then, I either need to get moving, or get chilling!

    1. No one would want to see my rendition of human paintings; I agree with you! That’s a good suggestion – too much or not enough, and aiming to find the balance. Thanks girlie!

  14. Seems like you hit every possible food group in this effort, Sarah…
    I don’t know if the idea of chocolate and burgers appeals to me as a combo, but the pancakes, eggs and fruit had me drooling!

  15. Wow, what a fulfilling week. It’s awesome that you got to accomplish 2 things on your bucketlist! As for those little hamburgers you had, woaaah, they look crazy! I have always wanted to visit a place where Diners, Drive-ins and Dives has been, I love that show! Also, that dessert you had at the Ritz looks fantastic, that must of been quite the fancy supper indeed.
    I think the best way I find to motivate myself when I am feeling blah is to not give in to the feeling, because that tends to make me feel worse. Getting up and moving around, or just studying/working the brain (even if these are the last things I want to be doing) help alot!

    1. Movement and working the brain are great alternatives that I’ve found can work for me too. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Every once in a while, it’s nice to have a fancy dinner and dessert!

  16. I had to really think about the notion of the chocolate burger, but once I did and remembered the constant win of the sweet and savory combo, I can see that this could be amaazzinnnggg. I also thought the peanut butter mousse was a part of the salmon dish (before scrolling to the next pic) and almost lost my cool. That would have been unreal. Though the meal looks unreal as it really was, too.
    Anyways. Wow. Huge congrats on finishing the paining – what an awesome bucket list accomplishment.
    Being in those moods is tough, and often I think they really just need time. But getting outside for a walk or amorous wander usually helps me. Or just writing everything that is on my mind so I can atleast feel like I can think clearly again.

  17. Funny how those little slumps seem to come and go without notice. Thanks for being open about it because I think it helps to know that we’re not unusual for having them. I usually try to think of all the things (big and little) that I’m looking forward to and then keep myself busy, like you said. Glad you were able to take advantage of Restaurant Week – everything looks so incredible!!

  18. I saw that episode of DD&Ds and I put it on my bucket list too. The owner looked so nice.
    Restaurant salmon is my fav so I’m feeling real envious of that dinner! I wish I could make it taste so good in my kitchen.
    I definitely agree that when I am in a slump doing something productive is usually the only way out of it.
    Good job with the paintings! Future office artwork?