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Road Trip Eats

Hi friends!

Happy Wednesday! I’ll be on the road again all day today, but I’m sharing some of my road trip eats from yesterday for What I Ate Wednesday. I had a balanced breakfast before hitting the road for Rhode Island.

Ed made me two pieces of sprouted bread; one with peanut butter, banana and sunflower seeds, and the other topped with two eggs scrambled with peppers, arugula and nooch for some extra B’s. What a guy, huh? He isn’t driving up with me but will be flying up later this week.


I got my run in before hitting the road. Does anyone else get antsy if they don’t move before a long time sitting in the car? I sure do. It was super humid and I was drenched after finishing 4 miles. After a day off yesterday with lots of foam rolling and stick rolling, I was so glad that this run felt more normal than Sunday.

I stopped for a kombucha immediately because I always like to have something to drink while driving. Usually, my preference is an iced coffee but it was overcast and I actually wasn’t feeling the extra caffeine, so I settled for a kombucha.

And gingerade because ginger is my favorite flavor on the planet.


Lunch was overnight oats because it’s easy to eat in the car, topped with bluebs, loads of Nuts’ N More High Protein Cookie Butter (<– AMAZING), chia seeds, cinnamon, greek yogurt and a dash of maple syrup.

overnight oats

During the drive, I listened to some pretty BA podcasts that I’d like to share with you. I’m enjoying like 10 different podcasts right now so I plan on doing a full post eventually, but here’s what I listened to on the road:

I had lotsa snacks for the ride, as can be expected. I’m a serial snacker. PS – is anyone else super protective of their snacks? I AM. They go on the front seat right next to me so they are always in my sight and ALWAYS ACCESSIBLE. Rule number 72: Never go road-trippin’ without snacks.

roadtrip snacks

At my first signs of hunger, I had some baby carrots along with some digestive cookies that Ed packed for me (He had an English roommate in college who got him hooked). They are actually pretty darn good! And a nice juicy peach that squirted everywhere once I took a bite. Messy car.

roadtrip snacks

roadtrip snacks

A few hours later I had a peanut butter chocolate Square Bar and the rest of my baby carrots. Mind you, I was also chugging water the whole ride which equaled 4 bathroom stops for a 6 hour drive. Whoops. Better than the alternative(dehydration), I guess.

roadtrip snacks

I’m splitting my drive to RI up and staying the night at my in laws in Pennsylvania. They welcomed me with a delicious dinner of tuna steaks, potatoes and a side salad with some vino.

Perfect end to a day of driving. Off to bed to finish the drive tomorrow!

tuna steaks

Are you a roadtrip snack hoarder? Do you plan for snacks or just plan to stop?


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