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Sabor Latin Street Grille

5 Things to Know Your First Time at Sabor

I went to Sabor off Hawthorne for the first time last week with modest expectations. It was so good I returned 2 days later.

Upon walking in, I breathed in that latin smell and anticipated all of the food I wanted to eat. But wait – I had no idea what to order!  I always need to make sure I’m trying the “thing” places are known for so I had loads of questions.

So, if you haven’t yet been to Sabor here are a few tips to navigate your first visit and 5 things you should absolutely know.

First and foremost, here’s your free tip: Check out the menu and do some research before you go, especially if you’re not sure what an arepa (venezuelan style ground maize cake filled with shredded chicken, diced tomato, onion, cheese & rosada sauce) or empanada (argentinian style pastry filled with cheese & your choice of ground beef, shredded chicken, chorizo or veggie) is.  Believe me, you’ll be much less hated if you make your order quick and don’t dilly dally asking such questions.

Sabor, latin food

I’ll tell you what I learned my first time. Because to save you from asking, I asked all questions and found out the following:

  • Anything on the street food menu is the “most popular”
  • If it’s your first time, start with an arepa
  • Try the chips

Sabor, latin food

Better yet, go back three days later like I did and try 3 new things that you didn’t get to try the first time.

  1. Plan accordingly around their daily specials. If you’re a taco fan (aren’t we all), $1 Taco Tuesdays would be your jam. Have kids and need a quick, delicious meal during the week? Come on Wednesdays when kids eat free. Thursdays are $6 Arepas and Empanadas, while Friday, Saturday and Sundays have discounted alcohol.

Pro Tip: stop in for a late lunch or early app for dollar tacos M-F from 3-5pm

Pro Tip#2: Check in on yelp for a free chips offer.

Sabor, latin food

  1. Don’t expect fancy or formal. It’s a very casual atmosphere, you walk up and order your food, pick up a beer from the cooler, wait for your name to be called, and then you devour. Simple as that. No one serves you your food, no paper menu’s, no reservations.

Sabor, latin food

  1. Order online. Avoid the line.
  1. Get the elote loco (corn on the cob with mayo, cotija cheese, chili powder). Try it and you’ll see why.

Sabor, latin food5. Check out the salsa bar in the back corner. Make a few trips up there during your meal to try all the salsas. The crowd favorite on yelp is the pineapple haberno, and I have to say I agree.

Sabor, latin street


photo 8 Sabor, latin street Sabor, latin street


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