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Slowing down

Good Morning friends!

I have a little different approach today as I hit the road and head to Chapel Hill to present my thesis and graduate with my Master’s in Public Health (if all goes as planned)!  All the well wishes are appreciated! 🙂

As I take part in today’s WIAW (thank you for hosting, Meghan!) I’m reflecting on changes I want to make in the New Year – to slow down. Writing/presenting a thesis has got me all up in arms with exhaustion, high stress and cortisol levels, and ain’t no one got time for that. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with relaxation in a few days and returning to homeostasis. And a normal mindset. 

But first, and always first, food:

eggs, rice cake

Why must we do things a million miles a minute? Why can’t we sit still?

Why do we not take the time to appreciate our accomplishments before setting the next goal?

Why do we complain about things and not recognize what we have?

coffee and muffins

Mid Morning Snack// Tea, pear and another muffin (because I ate the whole batch in 2 days)

Why must we think we have to be sleep-deprived to be successful?

Why must we compare our lives to others’ whom we don’t even know?

Why must we constantly seek to change our appearance? We are beautiful the way we are. 

salmon, slowing down

Lunch// Spinach salad with salmon, clementines, avocado and drizzled with Balsamic Vinaigrette. Side of Greek yogurt with chocolate chips (unpictured)

Why do we live in a culture where we expect to see results immediately, rather than having patience and watching things develop?

Why must we feel the need to hide our “bad” meals or cravings? Will you stop reading my blog if you saw that I had ice cream or cereal for dinner one night? (well I have..) Will you take my nutritional advice, as a dietitian, less seriously?

ice cream, slow your role

Mid afternoon snack// Ice cream. Just because. 

Why must we forego sitting down for dinner with others and having conversation because other things are “more important?”

Why must we turn to our laptop computers for company and conversation, rather than the people right in front of us?


Dinner with friends // Shared appetizers, pizza, wine.

Why must we always live in the fast lane?

Why can’t we just slow down and

I’m all about “carpe dieming” but if I don’t take the time to slow down and enjoy what’s around me, take pride in my past, present and future accomplishments, and appreciate the current people in my life, then I’m not enjoying the lane I’m in now. 

Cheers to slowing down and living in the moment.


How do you “slow down?” 





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  1. Ahhh such a needed and appreciated post in the midst of finals as I find myself so stressed and feeling completely unaware of my surroundings. THANK YOU for making me realize that I need to take time to take little breaks and breathe and remember all the good there is around me. I hope your thesis presentation went so so well. I was thinking of you!!

  2. Preach it sister!!! So thankful for this. <3 I can not count how many times this year that I have really just been working on slowing down and truly learning what it is to rest in the peace of the Lord. <3 I don't want to miss a day without smelling the roses. I'd rather get less done and appreciate the little things that I do.

  3. While I haven’t had cereal for dinner in a while I do eat my fair share of popcorn or chips & guac for dinner. And I don’t trust a soul who denies doing such things. We all have those days. I actually think I would trust you more as a dietician knowing you do this too. 🙂

  4. yes to all of this!! I feel like my mindset/attitude has slowed down from being on the fast track, but the rest of society won’t slow down with me! Why must I have a million deadlines? I think I have a case of burn out, haha. this Christmas break is just what I need.
    I hope u

  5. I LOVE this. Seriously, I’m all about it. Taking the time to slow down, look at your life and friends and family around you and be thankful for it… all about that! And your eats look amazing! Your breakfast is so fun! I love the mix of flavors and textures! Thanks for sharing love 🙂 Wise words my friend!

  6. I needed to hear/read all of this. So many questions that I, too, have floating around in my head. I gravitate towards such massive “not enough” and “go go go” mentality that my body is probably in perma-stress mode. But its something I’m really working on and getting much better at. Awareness is the first step. The note about going to your laptop or eating dinner alone instead of engaging with others is one that I’m especially trying to be conscious of – all this new technology can zone us out of real life without us hardly noticing.
    I also need that ice cream bowl concoction. That would most definitely help me to chill out. Thank you for this!!