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Snacks and Meals + Recent Favorites

Sorry for disappearing on you guys this week, but I’ve been holed up in sweatpants and nose strips fighting a nasty cold virus of some sort. It’s been absolutely no fun.

I haven’t even been feeling up to working on my Ebook. I don’t think I”ve told you guys about it here on the blog, but I’ve alluded to it on instagram. I’m putting together a 15+ page Ebook all about hunger and intuitive eating.

It will cover:

  • different cues for hunger 
  • how to determine how hungry you are
  • when to start/stop eating
  • what to do if you have no hunger cues
  • what to eat if you’re not hungry after a workout
  • how to eat intuitively if you have to eat by a schedule due to work/obligations

and so much more! I keep adding more information in. You guys, it’s like a gold mine. I hope to have it ready after New Years after the Better than Dieting challenge!

I did want to check in and share some recent meals and snacks I’ve had lately, sort of a phone dump if you will.

I know you guys like these food check in’s, and maybe they will provide some inspiration for you! I’m also going to share some favorites as of recently. 

In no particular order..

Grilled cheese with tomato soup. This was when we explored Leesburg recently. A cute restaurant that specialized in grilled cheese and soup. 

Pizza pick up on the way home. It looks small but turned out to be the perfect amount for all of us. 

An oatmeal raisin cookie with vanilla frosting – I got one afternoon when I was working at Wegman’s.

A tofu dinner with farro, roasted brussel sprouts and a kale salad. I use this peanut tofu recipe every time I make tofu.

Ed and I actually like tofu alot. Camryn eats it too – which is a plus. 

I make some iteration of my maple roasted vegetables often. Easiest way to roast whatever you have on hand!

Our neighborhood had a local breakfast with Santa event at the fire station. They served breakfast before waiting in line to see Santa. Camryn didn’t cry, but she wasn’t thrilled to see Santa either. 

This was a work-from-home lunch. Avocado toast, a salad with rotisserie chicken and some pop chips of some kind. I liked the crunch as part of my meal to enhance satisfaction

This was an instant pot meal. Since getting it for Black Friday, I’ve been experimenting quite a bit. Orange chicken with rice, turned out great!

This was half of a Panera sandwich with a little salad. Truth be told, I wasn’t craving much food when I was sick but was eating out of convenience. Nothing about a salad sounded good but I was trying to get some antioxidants and vitamins in my system. 

I finished the sandwich but didn’t end up eating much of the kale.

Pumpkin bread has been my sick food of choice. I like slathering it with some peanut butter and blueberries.

Have you tried a weighted blanket? I recently bought one to see what all the hype was and I can say I’m enjoying it. I’m not sure it’s greatly enhancing my sleep like they say, but it is cozy. 

Two new shows I’ve been watching – Virgin River (on Netflix) and Almost Family (on Hulu). Both are entertaining and I finished the first season of each. I’m still looking for a show that I’ll become really engrossed in!

What do you recent eats look like?

Share something exciting going on for you!

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  1. I made your maple roasted veggies for Christmas, I did brussel sprouts/sweet potatoes and when it was done I added dried cherries (re-hydrated in hot water for 5 mins first). Everyone loved it!