Sports Nutrition Talk for Runners and Last Week’s Workouts

  Jan 17, 2016  |  #Fitness

Hellllo, you fine people! How was your weekend? Or, if it’s still your weekend, I hope you’re enjoying this extra day.

We knocked some things out over here and also had some fun too.

On Friday, we went to Science on the Rocks, a really neat event at Charlotte’s Discovery Place museum. Basically, it’s like an adult exhibit amusement park. The theme was “speakeasy,” so there were talks about how to make moonshine, brew beer, a cocktail making contest, as well as the opportunity to check out their normal science exhibits. It was such a cool thing and we had a lot of fun!

science on the rocks

science on the rocks

By the way, if you’re curious about what 5 pounds of fat looks like..


Then, we were up bright and early Saturday morning so I could give a sports nutrition talk to a running group at a local running store. There were about 25-30 runners there, and I put together a little handout about pre and post-endurance nutition, as well as how to fuel during your runs. They were a great group and had lots of good questions at the end too. I expanded on things from this post, but also talked about the options of fuel for during long runs and why those carbohydrates are so so important for your working muscles.

RFYL nutrition talk

I love doing educational sessions, so this was great practice and a good confidence building session for the future! It also inspired me to get out and join them for a long run after in the early, chilly morning hours.

By the way, that crazy husband of mine randomly decided (on Friday night) that he would run a trail Half Marathon on Saturday morning. So, after my nutrition talk, he jumped right on into the half marathon and he won it. He’s a baller, so I have to give him a shoutout! That is why he is my personal running coach.

ed_half marathon

Speaking of running and workouts, I did pretty well at sticking to some of my fitness goals and switching up my workouts this week. Here’s what the workouts looked like:

Sunday – hot yoga

Monday – 6 miles

Tuesday – 4 miles + hot yoga

Wednesday – off

Thursday – 7 miles

Friday – kettlebell workout

Saturday – 16 miles

Sunday – off

I plan to write about my long run (16 miles) this week, but I am loving the variety in my workouts and I think I’m falling in love with kettlebells. I feel so strong after, and I like using my muscles in new ways. Girl power!


The best thing I ate this weekend were these black bean brownies (so fudgey!), which were a great accompaniment to the large feast we made on Saturday night.


Bbq salmon over quinoa, asparagus, parsnips and brussels, roasted beet, brownies and protein balls with #allthetoppings. What are you having, Hubs? @schlicpic #eatyourveggies #longrunfuel #homecook #bgbcommunity #bgbinstachallenge #eeeats #bloghealthy #foodie #blogger #healthyliving #eeeeeats #eatclean #instayum #instagood #foodisfuel #healthyeats #fitfoodie

And, that’s my weekly wrap! Also linking with Inspired to Be Fit  for some weekly motivation!


Have you used kettlebells before?

Black bean brownies – yay or nay? Yay for me!

39 responses to “Sports Nutrition Talk for Runners and Last Week’s Workouts

  1. Oh my gosh. I was watching Biggest Loser last night (DVR) and they showed what 200+ pounds of fat looked like poured into a glass container. It was enough to make you sick. It definitely shocked the contestants. I have not used kettle bells before. I’m admittedly not motivated when it comes to workout routines. or strength training even though I know it would help me in my other endeavors. Black bean brownies is a first but I like both items, so what the heck. Congratulations to your husband on his win. Thanks for linking with us Sarah. Have a wonderful week!

    1. Thanks for having the link up! When I didn’t have a workout plan, it was so easy for me to always resort to running but mixing it up is helping me avoid running overuse.

  2. Wow, that’s so cool that you gave a talk to runners. I bet that was great practice. Those black bean brownies look so good

  3. Congrats on the running talk you were asked to give. I have no doubts it was plenty informative and motivating for those who attended. “Science on the Rocks” sounds awesome!! I’m a huge sucker for any kind of science centre/activities, so I would have been like a 4 year old running around and touching all the things. Huge props on your fitness regimen – such great variety – and keeping those muscles limber with yoga 🙂

  4. Congrats to your husband on decided one day to run a trail race and the next day winning it. That’s a cool story to tell your children one day! The brownies look really good, but honestly, I am partial to the Ghiradelli brownie mix, sinful and tasty.

  5. Isn’t presenting fun?! I’m sure they especially appreciate advice from a runner herself.
    That museum sounds awesome! Another fun thing to do in the future. The black bean brownie recipe looks like a good one- I’m glad you had success!

  6. I’ve never tried black bean brownies, but they sound/look yummy! I love strength training in general, either with free weights or kettle bells. I feel like such a badass afterwards!

  7. Those brownies look so good!! I am huge kettlebell fan (my workout features kettlebells today even)! So fun that your hubs won the race! My husband would totally do something similar and win too – how come boys are just so good at that kind of thing!?

  8. I’ve never seen 5lbs of fat before- SO crazy! I love how varied your workouts are. I’m in a fitness rut right now and love the idea of scheduling workouts. Usually I just write “workout” but I think i’ll try writing “yoga class” or “weights” instead 🙂

    1. That’s a good idea! I’m such a list person so perhaps having something more specific will help hone in on your focus, whereas “workout” can pull you in too many directions.

  9. Very cool about giving your Sports Nutrition talk, I’m going to head on over to check out your other post about it too! The black bean brownies look amazing! Thankfully my trainer mixes things up for me. I do like it when she has me do exercises with the kettlebells. Yes Girl power all the way! Wow congratulations to your “personal running coach” aka husband. That is amazing!!!

  10. So neat that you did a nutrition/sports presentation. I’m a special education teacher (Grades K-4) and I gotta admit I’m much more comfortable speaking to the students. I get so nervous when I have to present in front of the faculty. That’s cool that your husband signed up for a half spur of the moment and won! I’ve never had black bean brownies, but yours look yummy!

  11. Congrats to your hubby on winning his race! That’s amazing, especially considering the spur-of-the-moment decision! Your Saturday night feast looks awesome. I’ve never tired black bean brownies and have to admit I’m skeptical but would definitely try them if someone else made them! I’m just afraid to waste ingredients on them just in case somehow no one wanted to eat them!

  12. Oh that is so awesome – wish I could have heard your talk!! And AS IF about your husband haha – congrats to him! So cool that you two share your passion for running 🙂

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