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To improve your running, you need to improve your core

Good Morning!! If you follow me on social media, you know I was at the Scan Symposium all weekend. It was an action-packed, knowledge-driven, social weekend that I can’t wait to share, with presentations ranging from sports nutrition, to cardiovascular risk, to eating disorders and the microbiome. I’ll share more later this week. In the meantime, please meet another Sarah below!

Hi! My name is also Sarah taking over Bucket List Tummy for the real Sarah.  I write over at Creating Better Tomorrow.  I love sharing my passions for my favorite F words…food, faith, fitness, and family.


For years I would have called myself an avid runner.  I’ve completed countless half marathons, 5Ks, 10Ks, and even two marathons.  But over the past few years through my own health and fitness journey, I’ve taken a break from running and fallen in love with strength training.

I currently teach group fitness, focusing on HIIT training and strength training, and do online personal training. I know that some of you are runners, and these are great ways to train alongside running or as a standalone training regimen.

Oh yes, I probably should mention I’m a mom of twin toddler boys…so this new love of strength training usually has to be done at home and has to be done quickly.  I still do run at times and the BEST PART…my running has gotten stronger and faster since focusing more on cross training!

Sarah family photo

When I first started working out after having our twins, I noticed that my low back would hurt more frequently than pre babies. Nothing unbearable but a nagging pain. I’m sure it had a lot to do with carrying babies around on both hips,  as I can’t say I always had good posture then.

But I know much of this low back pain was also because of the loss of my core strength. I’ve intentionally incorporated more core work into my routine this past year and it has really paid off.  One of the circuits I put together for myself has become a favorite for me and some of my bootcampers.  Core strength is essential for proper running form, proper day to day living, and is key as we age in preventing injuries.

So, here’s a quick core workout you can do at home

core circuit

Your abs will be on FIRE after this circuit!

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For those of you who like to work out at home, you may love all these circuits you find online but you also need a bit of guidance when it comes to just what the moves are. This is EXACTLY why I include videos with all of my workouts with clients and on my site.  However, remember I am not a Hollywood film star so be forgiving on the backyard film set and the dog that wanted to join in the workout.
I hope you guys enjoy the workout! I also have a Facebook group focusing on faith, fitness, food and family as well as a library of other great at home workouts on my site.  All the workouts in my library are little to no equipment and can be done in 30 minutes or less!


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  1. Sarah has some AMAZING core workouts on her blog! I totally agree that a strong core really helps my running; for a long time I just did running, and I don’t think that helped me at all. It was blogs like yours and Sarah’s that definitely opened up my eyes to the importance of other kinds of working out besides running that actually help your running!

    What’s your favorite kind of alternate exercise to running?

  2. Hi Sarah! Really looking forward to looking up your at home workouts. Its so easy to get bored or stagnant, so I’m always looking for ways to shake things up.

  3. This is great because I do not do enough core workouts. And I am definitely part of the group that appreciates that you put videos with your workouts too!

    Also- can’t wait to hear about SCAN. 🙂