Thanksgiving Week Recap

  Dec 2, 2019  |  #Weekend recap

Happy Monday, friends. I feel like the Monday after a holiday or extended break is always a tough adjustment.

For me, it’s been an earlier wake up call and a back-to-business mentality and Cam is back at daycare.

Our break was great. We had a one hour delay getting to Georgia, in which I was thankful for this cranberry apple muffin.

cranberry apple muffin close up

At 20 months, Camryn does not like sitting still. Luckily, we were seated in front of a 2.5 year old, so they were chatting and giggling at each other the whole flight.

Otherwise we read books and ate snacks to pass the time. 

toddler reading book on airplane

Being in Georgia for the week was nice. I slept wonderfully, took a few days off from work stuff and enjoyed time with family.

Plus, the weather in Georgia was upper 60s and 70s, and really made me miss Charlotte.

We grabbed drinks and an appetizer one night at the rooftop bar, Peregrin. It was so beautiful up there. 

appetizer platter at peregrin rooftop lounge

Back at the house, we played tennis, went for bike rides, and some of the crew even went kayaking.

Our Thanksgiving meal was wonderful.

My dad fried a turkey and we baked one as well. We had a slew of sides, ranging from sweet potato casserole to mashed potatoes to roasted carrots and Brussels sprouts and stuffing.

fried turkey

It’s funny now that I forget to take as many photos because I’m worried about Camryn or I’m just enjoying the moment and food.

Food is great and tasty, but it’s not the most exciting thing and it’s not my favorite part of the day, so I eat it, enjoy it and move on!

Here’s the one photo I took of my plate. I think I got seconds of pretty much everything. 

Thanksgiving plate

The apple pie was pretty delicious after, and I had some with a scoop of lavender ice cream (random but tasty) and brownie ice cream.

If you’re ever in the Savannah area, you must get Leopolds ice cream – we have it every time we visit. My mom does a great job of stocking up the fridge 🙂

We did our secret Santa exchange with my siblings and their spouses, and my parents got cam a bunch of Christmas presents early, so she had an absolute blast with new things to play with and entertain her!

toddler in red toy car

But, as it happens with kids and traveling, we got a bit off schedule with naps and bedtimes.

I know today may be a tough first day back at daycare but routine is good for all of us and she’ll love getting back to her normal things.

We also picked Tater up yesterday and boy was she excited to see us. We boarded her for a few days in the beginning of our trip and then my in laws actually picked her up and kept her at their house. 

I got three back to back runs in, and one of them was with company.

family group run

I haven’t run in 3 consecutive days in forever. This marathon training cycle has been very lackluster and lacking a ton (compared to Detroit) so this gave me some confidence. I’m just not as motivated to get out there as I was in the fall.

For my own future reference, I’m not planning on ever planning two marathons this close together again, but I’m set on walking if I have to at Disney. Not aiming for any personal bests, but instead, going to enjoy the race and characters!

So, I’m hoping to keep the momentum going with some solid runs this week and a long run this weekend.

Speaking of Disney, we drew out a rough plan of our trip next month. If you’ve traveled to Disney with kids, I would love your recommendations.

We’re going to do a character lunch, and have some days at various parks lined up. It seems that Camryn will have the most opportunity for rides (that don’t have height lengths) at Magic Kingdom.

But even planning Disney seems so exhausting, wow. So much stimulation!

And I’ll end with a photo of us in our Christmas jammies!

matching christmas pajamas

Highlight from your Thanksgiving? 

Any tips for traveling to Disney with kids?

6 responses to “Thanksgiving Week Recap

  1. So fun! We took my son to Disney World when he was 15 months and his favorite park was Animal Kingdom – it was way less crowded / overwhelming and has an awesome playground / splash area. His other favorite was the splash pad at the Disney hotel! Have a great time!

    1. We definitely have some time carved out for Animal Kingdom, thank you for sharing! I’m hoping it won’t be too crowded in January!

  2. The family picture in front of the Christmas tree is fantastic, Sarah!
    Also, Savannah is my favorite city anywhere – love it!

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