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The Asbury

After seeing Asbury among the Charlotte Magazine’s top restaurant list, I knew this had to move up on my bucket list. It’s in an adorable spot, connected to the Dunhill Hotel on Tryon. I still want to stay at the Dunhill hotel at some point, but I digress.

It was a quiet Tuesday night, which worked out well in our favor because we got very personalized service! I debated ordering the flight of 3 wines for $20, but settled on a glass of Malbec. My other half went with the manly pear ginger martini drink.

We started off with the deviled eggs…because I’ve heard so many people rave about these things. They are good. I don’t know if I could say they are the best things that have ever touched my mouth, but good. I don’t really go out of my way to ever order deviled eggs because they are so plain jane, but I’m glad I did. What makes these better than others, in my opinion, is the fried pickle on top.

deveiled eggs

I then went with the lil bit’s, which is an excellent opportunity to try bite sized portions of some of the various chef dishes. Mine came with duck confit, cooked cauliflower and a beet, which actually looked like a big fig or chestnut. I don’t think I would order the Lil bit’s dish again because these are literally bite size, and almost much to small to form a sound opinion. We ordered the Pork Cheeks after much debate between those and the chicken and dumplings. I have never eaten pork cheeks before, but it is similar to “pulled pork.” But so tender it breaks at the minimal touch of the fork. And the flavor was out of this world. I couldn’t eat the pecan crumble topping (Allergic 🙁  ) but my husband had it on the side and raved about it. I still think the dish was delicious without it, so a win in my book!

pork cheek

We also had the roasted broccoli as a side, which comes in a cast iron skillet. Sidenote: I love anything that comes in a cast iron skillet. The broccoli is mixed with wheatberries, cranberries and goat cheese. It was delicious and a fair portion size for the side! Sadly, no dessert this time as nothing really called out to us.
What’s on the bucket list next time I return here? Definitely the seared scallops and peanut-crusted lamb chops.

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