The Day Before 26.2

  Nov 4, 2016  |  #Favorites

Hey friendly faces. Happy Friday!!

I’m chillin here in Savannah, preparing for the marathon tomorrow morning. We got here last night, so we wouldn’t feel rushed. We’re leaving shortly to head to the expo, probably grab some grub and then settle in. I’d like to have an early dinner so we can be up at 4 am tomorrow! By the way, I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but Ed is running the half also. He’ll be running competitively and looking for a top five finish, and then I hope comes to find me to help motivate me through the race.

2013 Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon

Photo from www.photorun.NET

But, enough psyching myself out. Let’s get to some favorites from the week!


I stopped in earlier this week to donate some items and had some extra time so figured I’d meander around. I walked out with two small bowls ($.50 each!) and various books. I need to remember to go book shopping there more often!

Goodwill books


I got a massage earlier this week to fix any kinks and built up lactic acid in my legs. I then followed it up by soaking in an Epsom Salt bath. It was amazing. I also did a few yoga stretching sequences. I love this one.

Run Fast, Eat Slow

So excited about this book and meeting the authors. Stay tuned for the recipes I’m about to blow up.

Run Fast Eat Slow


My friend and I also had some yummy apps and wine at Nolen’s Kitchen before. Half off apps from 4-6 pm, Charlotte friends! We got the fried zucchini chips with an amazing dill yogurt sauce, grass fed beef sliders (I was craving some iron), crabcake cheesy dip and crab cakes! The tapering hunger is real!

Nolens Kitchen Happy Hour


I’m totally digging these scones from the Scone Shop in Charlotte. A few months ago, I had coffee with Fielding, the business owner, a few months ago and she graciously gave me a variety of scones to try. They are already premixed.

All you do is heat them in the oven for 15 minutes and voila, you have delicious breakfast scones! We loved the chocolate cinnachip, and we also can’t wait to try the cinnamon chip, butterscotch chocolate chip, and spinach feta! 

Scone Shop, Charlotte

Scone Shop


I just got spotify for the marathon, specifically. Does anyone have any good playlists to share? I just don’t want my music to be so fast paced that it gets me so excited that I blow my pace plan! I can totally see that happening.

I made a bunch of my no bake coconut snacks (plus leftovers of trail mix bites) for the marathon and for after, but I’ve already eaten half of them, thanks to the long road trip yesterday. Good thing I always pack snacks. Yes, I realize the color is not aesthetically pleasing here. I promise you they taste good, though!

coconut peanut butter bites

And chocolate and coffee are just a perfect match, don’t ya think?

chocolate and coffee

I think dinner tonight will be simple – sweet potatoes, chicken sausage and some veggies. Last night I made this amazing tempeh, butternut squash, broccoli and brussel sprout mix and added maple syrup. It was so amazing. I would eat that again tonight if I could! We’re planning on being up around 4 am tomorrow for the 7am start. Fortunately, Ed has done plenty of marathons so I’m glad he’ll be guiding and supporting me in the morning.

Follow me on snapchat (username: thehurdbird) and Instagram for up to date marathon activities! I’ll try to pop in Monday to let you know I’m alive!

Favorite pre race meal?

Any last minute tips for first time marathoners?

26 responses to “The Day Before 26.2

  1. Oh boy, it’s so exciting to finally see the months of training come to fruition; it looks like you’re fueling up well. 🙂 And yes, I hope you have a really really fun time whatever your finish time is, because that’s the most important. 🙂 It’s so neat that both you and Ed love to run so you can spur each other on! 🙂

  2. AHH you’re going to do awesome, Sarah! So exciting that tomorrow’s the day. My favorite pre-race meal is always a big bowl of pasta with red sauce- a classic and it seems to work well for me!

  3. Good luck Sarah!!! I hope most of all you feel good about your race, whatever happens, and are able to recognize ALL the work and prep and learning you did leading up to this. If I had better runners advice, I’d give it to you. But all I can really say is go do your thing!!!

  4. Ooooo I’ve never heard of the Scone Shop, I must check it out! Nolen’s Kitchen is just down the street from me and it’s my go-to place for dinner! I mean seriously EVERYTHING I’ve gotten from there is amazing. Zucchini chips are one of my favorite dishes! Good luck this weekend, Sarah!!

  5. Ahh good luck lady!!! So excited for you and I’m sure you will crush it! Can’t wait to read the recap and hear about some Savannah adventures post race!

  6. Best of luck Sarah! All your hard work and healthy eating are going to pay off. Good luck to Ed too! If you are sticking around Savannah (and feel up to it later), try The Grey for dinner. It’s so good!

  7. Those scones look so good! And coffee and chocolate is one of my favourite combinations. Have a fantastic race! You will be great. For me… trying to relax, harness those nerves into excitement, and most of all be grateful I can run, have fun and try and enjoy it (even just a little!) always help the most. Can’t wait to hear about it!

  8. Good luck, Sarah! I’m so excited to read your recap. I’m sure you’re going to kill it! You are incredible!
    I’m pumped to break into my Justin’s cups this weekend!

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