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The Fig Tree

The Fig Tree is one of those restaurants in Charlotte you reserve for a special occasion or night out. It’s beautifully situated in an old house, with options to sit downstairs, the outside porch or the outdoor patio. It’s not a cheap dinner, but the food and service are excellent, so expect to spend a little more and enjoy the slower paced meal. Expect to start with homemade focaccia bread, while perusing through the never ending wine list. Or, they have some great craft cocktails if that is your preference as well.

You’ll have your choice of appetizers, with choices like carpaccios’ (veal or beef), octopus, escargot, stuffed calamari, foi gras or a cheese plate. On this occasion (our two year wedding anniversary), we decided on the chorizo stuffed calamari. I’m a Rhode Island girl and a huge fan of the legit fried stuff, but these calamari come more authentic. If you’ve never tasted the rubbery squid, here’s your chance. Filled with chorizo and eggplant with a red pepper puree, this dish is a memorable one. Great way to start the night.

When you’re at Fig Tree, you should be aware that the Elk Chop is one of the highest rated meals in Charlotte. And why not? It’s a 14oz of a double-cut elk chop with horseradish spaetzle, braised red cabbage with smoky bacon, and a classic Boursin-Dijon sauce.

The Fig Tree

Not only is a gorgeous sight, it’s very delicious. I can’t remember ever having elk before, but it has no gaminess taste to it whatsoever. This was very flavorful and I’d definitely go back and order it again.

We also ordered the salmon over orzo, which was cooked and flavored well. It’s hard to compare another entrée to the elk chop, but know that you’ll get a delicious meal, overall. A side salad comes with your entree, and you can upgrade to a caesar salad or spinach salad for $3.00 additional.  In my opinion, the house salad is delicious on its own so stick with that. They add homemade mozzerella cheese and a delicious vinaigrette dressing.

The Fig Tree The Fig Tree

Don’t miss the dessert menu either. The beignets seem to be what I always order, but they do make their own ice cream in house. I was eyeing the dark chocolate brownie bar for next time.

The Fig Tree does a great job of making you feel welcomed and respected, while not going over the top fancy. I find that it’s the perfect balance and definitely worth checking out if you live in Charlotte!

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