I love good food and comfy clothes

  May 9, 2017  |  #Eats

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Stonyfield. As a Stonyfield Yogetter, I received coupons for the Greek Yogurt and products such as this PrAna dress.  

Hi guys!

Today’s post is a little different. We’re talking more about where I’ve been and who I am today. As a Stonyfield Yogurt Ambassador, this month’s theme is #TheWholeYou. We are celebrating good-tasting food that’s authentic for you and your lifestyle! Because in this life, you should eat what tastes good and wear what feels good!

So, here’s a little bit about the Whole Me.

Who Am I?

A career changer, now a happily Registered Dietitian. A blogger and a runner, motivated by a bucket list. An educator, yet always a student seeking more information. A wife, and mom to a puppy. A former college athlete. A sister to three siblings. A person who tries to squeeze everything in for the fear that there just won’t be time in life to accomplish everything on my bucket list.

Who Am IWho Am I

My Favorite Things

  • Family and Sentimental Moments
  • Coffee
  • Writing
  • A sweaty long run
  • Food, especially dessert
  • Eating at new restaurants (this really excites me)
  • Travel
  • My bucket list
  • Sleeping In
  • Music (I’ve been known to listen to the same song on repeat for months)
  • Comfy Clothes
  • Solitude

Who Am I

It comes naturally for me to talk about food and nutrition. I want to travel to so many places – this world is a beautiful place and I want to uncover as much of it as possible, from each little nook and cranny.

I believe that all foods fit, and we should view food as a vehicle to help us feel good and experience all the good life has to offer. And to enjoy it too – it’s so important to enjoy our food.

Who Am I

Some of My Least Favorite Things

The typical messy house that causes anxiety, the crankiness that originates from not getting enough sleep or not having my coffee. I despise being the center of attention – opening gifts in front of people is so hard for me! Wearing heels is no bueno for me, my feet always hurt for days. Plus, I never mastered being able to walk in them. I hate feeling hungry with no food around, which speaks to the importance of packing emergency snacks!

What’s maintainable and enjoyable for you?

You guys know I believe in eating good food! I love pretty much all food, except for my forbidden tree nuts that cause really bad reactions. I enjoy a variety of foods to help meet all of my nutrient needs.

Snacks! You know I also love my snacks. Greek yogurt is one of my snack staples that I eat daily and I always have some Stonyfield Whole Milk Greek Yogurt on hand- it’s easy to flavor, perfectly portable, and great for satiety, especially when you’re including the extra fat. Have you ever compared a low fat yogurt to a full fat? It makes a world of difference in taste and creaminess! Not to mention, the extra fat is important for keeping you fuller longer, for absorbing more of those fat soluble vitamins you may be eating with your yogurt, and even for fertility.

I only share about brands I love on the blog, and what I love most about Stonyfield is their commitment to delicious products without sacrificing the process. Their products are made without the use of toxic persistent pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics and GMOs, and they support green business practices, too!


Their plain full fat yogurt is tasty on it’s own – But my favorite way to eat it is with some crunchy granola on top, or some fresh strawberry preserves (Recipe coming soon)!


Aside from eating good food, it’s natural for me to want to feel comfortable. I’ve always been less of a makeup/dress up girl, and more of a low maintenance, casual girl. Sneakers, sandals, running/workout clothes, sweatpants, tank tops are a few of my favorite things. And speaking of comfy clothes, I spent all weekend wearing this comfy Amelie dress from prAna.

Fortunately, my sister helped me with a little photoshoot in Savannah. You guys, this dress is so comfy, flowy, and easy to walk around in! Every girl’s dream.

#TheWholeYou #TheWholeYou

PrAna is a yoga and apparel company focused on sustainability, not just in clothing but in other things too. They partner with companies and fair trade factories that adhere to strict guidelines for safety and efficiency, and use materials like recycled wool and polyester, organic cotton and hemp that won’t have a downstream effect on the environment. Like Stonyfield, a company with sustainable business practices.

Want to relax in a sustainable style? You can use the discode code, WHOLES17BTT, for 15% off your next order at PrAna! The coupon is good through the end of May. 🙂

What brings out #TheWholeYou?

What gets you excited? Favorite and least favorite things?

19 responses to “I love good food and comfy clothes

  1. Oh no I don’t know why I missed your posts last week! They didn’t come into my inbox as they usually do. Hmm…

    But I’m glad I caught it because I love this post. Though, I already knew you were hella cool, lax, smart, bucket list adventurer. Can we just meet up one day and wear sweat pants or comfy dresses and drink coffee all day long?

  2. I love Stonyfield yogurt; their lines of yogurt are so so delicious. And you are so sweet and energetic Sarah; I love your zest for life and exploring and wearing comfy clothes and delicious good food. <3 Thankful that God made so many different people; I love learning these unique facts about you.

    Your love for good food is always contagious; I always want some good ice cream or now, some yogurt, after reading your blog!

  3. Love full fat yogurt! And I can’t wait to read about that strawberry topping because it looks delicious. I can’t stand a messy house either or the on going to do list that I’m always thinking about. And we literally have ALL the same favorite things!

    1. It was so so good, and SUPER EASY. I feel like for us type A people, if the house isn’t to our standards, nothing else gets done.

  4. I have to admit…the whole messy house thing brings me major anxiety…every night before bed I HAVE TO PICK UP (the boys do most of it because I’ve passed this pet peeve onto them)…if not I’m a mess!

  5. That dress is adorable on you!! I was close to choosing it but went with shorts instead. Comfy clothes and good-for-you comfort food are two of my favorites!

  6. What career field were you in prior to being a dietitian? I love getting to know you more! Favorite things are warm weather, food, and family. Least favorite? Being hungry, arrogance, and loud chewers 😀 Food and new restaurants/cultures excite me too!

    1. My undergrad was in Sport Management, so I worked in college athletics for a few years, then many other things before finding nutrition! haha

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