Little Life Things I’m Loving

  Jan 21, 2016  |  #Thoughts

I hope your week is going well! Feel free to tell me what you’re into in the comments 🙂

First random thoughts – it’s so weird to finally be done with school. I’ve been officially done for like a month, but I’m still adjusting. I mean, I’m still doing academic things (i.e. studying for the RD exam), but after that, people, it’s  back to the real world for me. How nice will that be?! I don’t even know what life is like to not constantly have the next thing coming up – comprehensive exam, clinical rotation, thesis presentation, RD exam, etc. Those in grad school can relate!

Right now, I’m into…

[I promise they’re not ALL food-related, but since food is a great source of my happiness, some of them have to be…]

An apple corer. Simple? Yes. Amazing? You betcha. This has become one of my new besties in the kitchen.

Simple? Yes. Amazing? You betcha. This has become one of my new besties in the kitchen.

Overnight oats/chia pudding with alll the fruit. I have a post coming ‘atcha soon all about chia seeds.


This pizza from Trader Joe’s. Enough said. Go get some.

trader joes pizza

Single serving egg skillet. HOW CUTE AND FUNCTIONAL IS THIS!?

single serving egg

Okay, okay…enough with the food things, you say.

Non-food related things I am loving…

Our new bedspread. I literally feel like I’m going to bed in a hotel bed every night. Happy times.

Things I'm loving

This BRINCH laptop bag. I love the sturdiness, functionality, and the fact that it has a shoulder strap. I feel so professional.

laptop bag

Some “Me” time and relaxation.

massage envy

My brother’s Pandora station. Great for RD exam studying. You should check him out!


If you follow me on insta, you know I’m sportin’ some new running shoessss!

Things I'm loving
Perks of a hubby in the #running industry. New road and trail shoes! Check out today’s post #ontheblog about fueling after a long run #Altra #fitfoodie #runner #blogger #fitfam  #milestorun #bloghealthy @altrarunning

What are YOU into right now? Food or non-food?


19 responses to “Little Life Things I’m Loving

  1. Mmmmm that beddspreeeaaddd. I would never leave. How do you do it? I’ve owned apple corers before but never believed them to be functional… or I was just too stubborn…or was frustrated because I could never do it right… but you are making it look pretty darn useful right now. Yay for massages. Well done.

    1. It is my most favorite bedspread ever, easily. My sleep has improved so much. I don’t always need the apple corer because I usually bite right in and finish the apple, but when I want smaller pieces for oatmeal or yogurt, it helps!

  2. There’s just something about white bedspreads that makes crawling into bed THAT much nicer — I totally agree! And I’ve honestly been meaning to get an apple corer for a long while now, but I stubbornly keep peeling them the old fashioned way. Clearly I need to jump on the bandwagon…

  3. I used to use apple cores all the time until I realized I wanted my slices cut thinner. And my apples would always get stuck at the bottom.
    I am excited for your massage… sounds amazing!

  4. I used to have an apple peeler/corer/slicer from Pampered Chef that I absolutely LOVED. It was so handy for making dishes that called for lots of apples. I lost it in an apartment fire a few years back and was just thinking recently how much I want one again!

  5. Apple cutters are the best and so are overnight oats! Love that comforter too 🙂 Lately I’ve been loving chai tea lattes, yoga pants, and my Ivory Ella shirt 🙂

  6. Your new bedspread is the cutest and it looks so plush and fluffy! My #1 requirement for ALL of my bedding 🙂 And food recently…Siggi’s skyr! I LOVE their strawberry rhubarb flavor.

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