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Visit To Rhode Island

We concluded our summer travel schedule last week after spending a week in Rhode Island. We decided to drive so we could take Tater.

It works out well because Ed’s parents live in Pennsylvania, which turns out to be a great half way stop for us. They are good sports and usually cook us dinner, let us sleep, and then we’re off in the morning.

Tater was a TROOPER with all of the traveling, and sleeping in different houses. She has the gig pretty good because she has the back of Ed’s truck bed to stretch out and sleep while we drive.

Sometimes she comes and sits on the center console and pretends she’s human.

We got to Rhode Island last Wednesday night. On Thursday, we just lounged around since we were tired from all the traveling.

I loved having coffee outside on the deck, swimming, and just reading and relaxing by the pool.

golden doodle with sunglasses on

We decided to go blueberry picking later that day!

picking blueberries off blueberry bush
Girl holding blueberries out in hands

On Friday, we drove up to Boston for the Red Sox game. My sister and her boyfriend “dog sat” Tater during the game so we could take her to New Hampshire after.

We got our traditional sweet italian sausages at Fenway, “all the way.”

This is something my dad and I have done since I was little – we always get them at the same place. They are delicious!

Italian sausages outside Fenway Park
view from the stands at Fenway Park

We had great seats for the game, but left a little early so we could try to get to NH before midnight. My grandmother lives up in NH so I wanted to see her, and she has been dying to meet Tater.

We arrived pretty late on Friday night and spent most of the day Saturday.

My aunt and uncle were throwing a surprise 30th birthday party for my cousin so we were able to surprise him and mingle for a bit before driving back to Rhode Island.

We spent a lot of time with my parents the rest of the week. I love running in Rhode Island so we obviously got some good runs in.

There was so much less humidity than in North Carolina, which was a blessing.

white lighthouse on the water in Warwick, Rhode Island
running on a greenway

Some other highlights..

Donuts at PVDonuts

Blueberry Muffin, Oreo, Strawberry Poptart, and Coffee Milk (that’s a Rhode Island thing).

4 donuts in box

Dinner at the Boat House

Rhode Island has so many al fresco dining options but this is one of my favorites. We ordered seafood, of course! Scallops for me and fish tacos for Ed.

fish tacos on white plate

Finding this local produce stand

We found it on the side of the road in Little Compton, RI. It was soo cute.

fresh tomatoes from farmers market
pints of blueberries at farmers market

Rail Explorers

This was a fun activity that my mom found in Portsmouth, RI. It’s so fun! You “bike” on an old railroad track  – you can do tandems or foursome’s, so it was neat to all be on the same bike.

It was beautiful scenery too. That’s the Mt. Hope bridge in the background.

Nights with friends

I was finally able to meet this little lady. My best friends from high school all still live in Rhode Island, so it’s a yearly ritual to do a get together at one of our houses. We cooked out and caught up.

Gorgeous Sunsets

RI has some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.

sunset over narragansett bay in rhode island

A Day Excursion to Jamestown, RI

We got lunch, walked around, and explored the Beavertail Lighthouse. Despite being from Rhode Island, there’s still many things I’ve never done or seen.

I love trying to accomplish little by little each time I go home.

cup of dels lemonade
picture of husband and wife in front of ocean

Birthday celebrations

For both Tater and me. Tater turned 1! We found these Frosty Paw Treats, like ice cream for dogs!

dog with birthday hat licking ice cream

There was also lots of sleeping in, pizza and netflix nights, and overall relaxing.

I’m feeling so refreshed and ready to be back at work. On Sunday, I meal prepped like a boss (you can scroll down to see my Facebook live video), unpacked and settled back into our wonderful home in NC.

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  1. whenever I visit home at college I feel so refreshed. love that feeling! glad you had a great weekend too. I love Rhode Island. Also- your dog is adorable!!

  2. I was in Seattle over the weekend which is a good thing or I would be having a jealous fit right now, your vacation looks freaking amazing! So much good food and nice weather to run in!

  3. All that fresh fruit and ocean views and cute picture of Tater makes that trip look DELIGHTFUL! I love that you got to take Tater. For some reason even though my dogs like to walk around the car while I’m driving with them, I still love driving with them.

  4. Oooooooh trips home and their therapeutic abilities. There really is no better way to refresh and re-ground. I was so unbelievably refreshed after my last trip home and being surrounded by friends and family. This trips looks and sounds fantastic. Relaxing, and fun, AND delicious. Rail Explorers – that’s so cool!!

    1. Going home can be so refreshing, especially when you don’t have an agenda of things you have to do. I really enjoyed having no itinerary this time. So peaceful.

  5. I love Rhode Island! I’m a longtime leader from New Hampshire.. so glad you got to spend time in New England, it’s so beautiful in the summer 🙂