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Toddler Updates and Plans for Postpartum This Go Around

I know I’m not keeping up with a much of a consistent posting schedule right now. I’m working behind the scenes to get everything done before baby #2 is here!! My goal is 1-2 posts per week, and I hope to have some planned to go live while I’m on maternity leave so you don’t expect crickets here. 

So, I figured I’d share a brief update on what I’m planning for so you, as a reader and follower, know what to expect. 

First, let’s start with some toddler updates, since I’m way behind on that. 

Camryn is now almost 28 months! Hard to believe she turned two back in April, when things were still new with this pandemic and there was hope it would be short-lived (ha). 

toddler picking blueberries in blueberry field

Potty Training

Anyway, we did potty training with her shortly after her second birthday. It worked great and I’m so glad we tackled it when we did because now I don’t have to worry about it once we have a newborn. 

Camryn has done great with going potty regularly, and even being back at daycare, she’s done well. We used the Oh Crap! Potty Training Book and found that method very successful for us. I will say that we did choose to do some rewards for Camryn and I know parents will have different views on this. But, it seemed to work for us!

It probably took us a good 5-6 days before she was confident and consistent. And I’m thankful we didn’t have to keep her out of school or anything since we were all home anyway. 

Big Girl Bed

In the last month, another big change we’ve made is moving Camryn to her big girl bed! We are re-using her crib for the baby’s room so this is a change we planned on making at some point this summer. 

toddler bed, tent and room

I was terrified at first because Camryn has a huge stubborn and mischievous side to her. I feared she would just want to get out of her bed constantly. I guess she did do a little bit of that at the beginning, but we had her door locked and we have a baby gate at the top of the stairs for extra comfort. 

She’s adjusted fairly well, now that it’s been a few weeks. I actually think she’s sleeping better. She doesn’t get out of bed too much anymore. After nighttime routine, she’ll just read in her bed for what seems like forever, and then put herself to sleep. 

I’m sure things will change on both fronts once we have another little one in the mix, but that’s working now. 

General Schedule and Food

Cam’s general schedule is to wake up anywhere between 6:30-7:30. Lately, it’s been on the later side because she’s staying up later (it’s hard to stick to an early bedtime in summer, I’ve found). We’ll do breakfast and if we’re home for the day, some crafts/coloring or painting.

toddler painting and coloring

If we don’t get outside in the early morning, it doesn’t really happen in the afternoon since it’s so incredibly hot. Unless we go to the neighborhood pool or use our blowup pool or sprinkler, which we sometimes do.

She eats lunch around 11:45-12 and goes down for her nap somewhere between 12:45-1:15. Her afternoon nap is generally 1.5-2 hours, which when she’s home, is great for me knocking out work or working on the podcast

In the afternoon after she wakes, we’ll do a snack and maybe a little tv time or reading. And then we’re usually planning or eating dinner by 5:30-6, and we’ll be outside until 7-7:15ish. We live in a cul de sac, which is great.

Camryn loves to play out there and ride her bike. We have quite a few neighbors on our street with similarly aged kids, which has been wonderful.

I feel like in the last few months, we have all gotten to know each other better and let the little ones play. So, early evening, all of the kids are usually out so we’ll go for a walk or visit with some of them. 

pasta bake in plastic casserole dish to freeze

We also have a neighbor friend who just had her second (and her first child is close in age to Camryn as well), so we made her my veggie pasta bake and had her daughter over to play with Camryn recently so we could give her a break and time to spend with just the new baby. 

In terms of food, Camryn is a really good eater. I really think doing baby led weaning and giving her full autonomy with food has helped with that. She enjoys helping me in the kitchen (especially if it involves baking anything with chocolate chips).  We eat chips, ice cream and all foods together – I’m really careful about not labeling anything as “bad.”

She loves all fruits (especially citrus fruits and berries), most vegetables (especially peas and peppers), hard boiled eggs, waffles, oatmeal, hummus, chips, cheese, yogurt and anything sweet. 

blue toddler plate with pineapple, tomato, hard boiled egg and shredded cheese

The thing we do struggle with, however, is getting her to stay in her high chair. She has no interest in sitting in it, and instead wants to sit in her little toddler chair. But, with the booster seat, she constantly stands up (she can buckle and unbuckle herself) and gets on my lap, or wants to sit “on own” at the table.

So, there’s a little bit of a power struggle that happens at dinner that we need to find a solution for.  Would love to hear if any parents have tips for that!

How Camryn Feels About Being a Big Sister

Overall, she seems excited! She understands “baby in mommy’s belly” but I really think she has zero idea about what the means for this family. Having a baby wake up and live here with us is probably far out of what she thinks is happening. 

There have been some sweet moments where she’ll talk to the baby or put her head on my belly, and I just cherish those. 

toddler laying on mommy's belly

We are trying to prepare her and have talked with her a little about birth, and who may be watching her, and what happens if mommy has to go “have the baby.” We’ve bought a few big sister books, too. Probably need to do a better job of talking with her about it more consistently. 

Plans for Maternity Leave

I do plan on taking some concrete time off and away from the blog. While as an independent business owner and entrepreneur, it’s often hard to do that, I know how important it is not only for my mental health, but also our family. I want to make this transition be as easy as possible, and be fully present for the ups and downs. 

I’m sure I’ll share moments on Instagram stories and I do plan on sharing my birth story here. That’s also why I’m working ahead to plan some content so the blog won’t be super stagnant while I’m gone. 

girl wearing hat and sunglasses walking a dog

I’m currently finishing out my current clients and have stopped taking any new clients. I will likely resume seeing clients in mid to late fall, but we’ll just see where I’m at and how I’m feeling. I don’t want to put too much on my plate too soon, so I plan on easing back in and seeing how I adjust. 

In terms of the Nail Your Nutrition podcast, Marita and I have 4-5 episodes we still have yet to release so we’re thinking we’ll close out season 1, and take a break that corresponds with my maternity leave before we start season 2. Let me know if you have any episode requests for season 2!

I’ve really tried to start making food now and freezing it for go time. So far, I’ve made some energy bites, my favorite pasta bake, burgers, superhero muffins (from this cookbook), cookies and quinoa chocolate bars.

I have a few more things I want to stock the freezer to make just to make the postpartum transition a little easier. 

I’m hoping I have some time to actually rest and this baby doesn’t come too early. 


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  1. I have so many podcast episodes to catch up on! I swear it takes so much longer to get through all of my podcasts without a commute (but I really don’t miss commuting at all).

    That was such a nice gesture to bring your neighbor dinner as well as have their oldest over to play. The mom must have appreciated it so much!