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  Apr 1, 2016  |  #Favorites

Hi, friends! 

I’m jumping on Kate’s great post idea to discuss happy things! By the way, Kate is an awesome person I’ve met through blogging – Not only are we both in the nutrition field, but we realized we’re only a short drive from one another so make it a point to have regular chat sessions!

Anyway, we’re jumping on the happy train over here and focusing on the positives!

Top 3 things I ate:

This veggie-heavy sweet potato avocado flatbread pizza. AH-MAZING is the only way to describe it. What are you waiting for?!

benefits of breakfast_veggie sweet potato avocado breakfast pizza

trawberries ‘N Cream donuts, except I made them into muffins. This glaze is outstanding on its own – believe me, I ate it by the spoonful.

Top 3 Friday

My MIL’s outstanding strawberry balsamic grilled cheese. She makes this for me every time we visit, and I swooon. I’m gonna try to recreate it – stay tuned!

grilled cheese2

Top 3 Workouts:

First speed workout in a month! I did 2.5 mile warm up, 3×800 at 7:10 pace followed by 3 x  800 at 8:30 recovery pace, and 2.5 mile cooldown. I’m feeling ready for the Cooper River Bridge Run tomorrow in Charleston!

Cooper River Bridge Run

I ran this 10k about 5 years ago and finished in 44:00. So my goal this weekend is to beat that, but I’m not going to put too much pressure on myself. I haven’t been training regularly since I’ve had some hip issues so we’ll see how it goes!

Also, there’s upwards of 40,000 runners racing so it’ll be a bit of a traffic jam! Here’s my race photo from 2011, when I was young and carefree!

Cooper River Bridge Run

I tried a free class at HSM Core, thanks to the Yelp Fitness club! Picture 40 minutes of planks, squats, and cable bands – it’s three days later and I’m still sore. The instructor is so motivating but doesn’t let you skimp. Amazing workout!

HSM Core2 HSM Core 3

My run on the Oak Island beach!

Running_Oak Island

3 Highs:

Happy Hour on the porch at Fork, followed by homemade cheesy stuffed portobello mushrooms with my bestie! No, both of these drinks are not mine 🙂

Fork_Cornelius_front porch_Friday favorites

stuffed portobello mushrooms

Another social night out for a friend’s birthday, sitting out on the patio!

outside porch_friday favorites

And of course, catching up with grandma over the phone is a high! She’s so precious.

wedding day_warwick country club

Favorite Instagram Posts:


funny dietitian quotes

Foodie (I salivated when I saw this)

the feedfeed photo

Scenery (makes me miss Portland!)

portland scenery

Favorite Reads:


On The Pressure of Beauty via The Domestikated Life

The Stigma of Doing Thing Alone – I can totally relate to this. I actually find a lot of peace in doing this alone (*introvert*)

How Running Changed My Life 


I love my yogurt and this is good news for us dairy lovers

Being vegetarian may be in our genes  

Technology fascinates me –> sensory necklace 

Well, I’m off to pack some yummy road trip snacks and head to Charleston. Have a wonderful weekend!!

If you’ve been to Charleston, where are some of your favorite places to eat and hang out? Please share 🙂

Tell me your top 3 from the week!

24 responses to “Top 3 Friday Favorites

  1. Love that you’re sharing fun and happy stuff. I loooove Charleston. I haven’t been in awhile, so can’t suggest restaurants, but they have a huge foodie scene. Enjoy!

  2. I did the Cooper River Bridge run several years ago with a friend. The buzz of it all was a lot of fun! The Early Bird Diner was a ton of fun. It’s really cute and has the best veggie burger of my life!
    I’m checking out those strawberry donuts, yum!!
    I love the way you did this post! I’m glad you enjoy the way I’m doing mine now! 😀

  3. You are a force. 10K in 44 minutes? Gah. I’m thinking back to my soccer days where 5K felt like an eternity.
    Social time with good friends – especially when outside in a tshirt!?! – plus phone dates with grandmas are moments to be savored. So glad your week was full of such things 🙂
    Have a fabulous weekend and have fun on the bridge!!

  4. Those strawberry donuts look amazing.. I’m a sucker for a good donut:) Haha. I went to Charleston 3 years ago on spring break! We stayed in Kiawah Island but took a day trip to Charleston. We had a blast but I have no idea where we ate (probably because I was staring at the palm trees the entire time.. I’m annoyingly obsessed haha). Good luck in your race!

  5. I need that flatbread pizza in my life! Holy yum!

    Top three this week? Definitely Easter entertaining (we had friends and family over every day of our four day long weekend), babysitting our three favourite little guys and a putt putt golf double date night with friends!

  6. Good luck on your race tomorrow!!
    Those strawberries and cream donuts/muffins look to die for. That happy hour drink too!
    My top three: relaxing, getting to workout more often and actually enjoying it and successfully making a yummy general tao last night for supper (it was restaurant worthy ;p).
    Have a great weekend!

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