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Your Favorite Posts of 2018 + 2018 Reflection

Good morning lovelies,

I always like to take some time to reflect back on the year. 2018 was a great year for many reasons. Most notably, we had a baby! BLT also went through a new blog re-design that I’ve been very happy with.

But, it was also a year of difficult changes and adjustments as well as personal and business growth. I plan to write a little bit more about the business/entrepreneour side of things (would you all be interested in that?), but this post will focus mainly on this blog face that you see.

I love the variety of posts that I write about here, ranging from nutrition and recipes, to running, to some lifestyle and motherhood. I think you guys like that too? Anyway, I can’t say this enough that I’m so so grateful for your readership. I am humbly aware that this blog would not exist with you.

So, here are some of the more popular posts from 2018, according to you guys!

1. Meal Prep Freezer Ideas for Pregnancy

I definitely refer back to this post from time to time when I want to do some meal prep to have foods on hand for weeks ahead. This one has been popular on Pinterest because I think having freezer-friendly go-to ideas is something we all want! And if/when we have future children, I will refer back to this, too.

Freezer Friendly Ideas for Meal Prep

2. Veggie Pasta Bake

Renate shares, “I made this for a Shiva and therefore doubled the ingredients to make 2 casseroles. Came out perfect and everyone loved them.”

If you love cheese and pasta, then you will love this. Plus, you can throw whatever veggies you want in there. I chose to do mushrooms, onions and green peppers, but zucchini, spinach, carrots would also be delicious!

Veggie Pasta Bake

3. Babymoon in Savannah and Charleston

If you’ve been reading this blog since the beginning (first of all – sorry for how bad my photography was back then), you know how important traveling is to me. Since starting this blog, I’ve traveled to South AfricaVancouver, Charleston, Chicago, Maine, Utah, Rhode Island several times (my home state), Austin,  and probably some others.

So, I knew I wanted to do a short-distance trip for our babymoon. Charleston and Savannah are under 4 hours from Charlotte so we spent a couple days in each city. Highly recommend! I talk about where we stayed and what we did in this post.

Babymoon in Savannah and Charleston

4. Sweet Potato Cookie Dough Dip

Easy. Pleasantly Sweet. Perfect snack, appetizer or dessert. Great with chocolate chips and/or graham crackers, mmmm.

Sweet Potato Cookie Dough Dip

5. Running in the Third Trimester

As most of you know, I ran throughout my pregnancy. I wasn’t racking up 30+ mile weeks, but a few miles 2-4 days/week. That was comfortable for me. I’m so glad I wrote this post because so many people have asked me what “running during pregnancy” is supposed to feel like and I kind of already forget.

So, this is a post I often direct people to!

6. 5 Ways to Start Intuitive Eating

A great post for people who don’t know what intuitive eating is or where to start.

5 tips to start intuitive eating

7. Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Diet (A Response to Weight Watchers)

This post talks about some of the parts of dieting that often aren’t talked about, mainly why it can be DANGEROUS, how it hurts your metabolism, how it can lead to nutrient deficiencies, and create a problematic hyperobession with food.

Dieting is one of the leading causes of eating disorders, and disordered eating habits.

8. Intuitive Eating is Messy

This goes into the nuances of intuitive eating. There is ALOT of gray, it’s not supposed to be black and white.

“Intuitive eating doesn’t always mean ordering the ice cream, or cheeseburger. Sometimes, you may really want the salad, and you crave the nourishment that the fiber and vegetables will give you.” <– Big misconception.

Intuitive eating is the idea of looking out for your body and trying to be as in tune with it as you can.

9. 30 Week Pregnancy Update

A review of symptoms, my mood, exercise and food cravings/aversions!

10. Sweet Potato Blueberry Baked Oatmeal

This was definitely one of my favorite recipes for 2018. I teamed up with NC Sweet Potatoes to create this as a pre/post-workout option, and let me tell you, it’s a winner! Not only are you getting a serving of fruits and veggies (yay fiber!), but it’s not overly sweet, it’s filling and DELICIOUS.

So, there you have it. The top posts of 2018 according to you guys!

If you’re a regular reader (hi!), I would love for you to share with me,

Did you have a post that resonated with you?

Posts you want to see more of?


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