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Two beautiful hikes + Oregon’s Coast

Hello, hope you had a nice weekend!

In the beginning of my time here in Portland, I made sure to pick out some scenic hikes to do. The first one I did a few weeks ago was Angels Rest, which was just a short 40 minute drive outside of Portland that provided amazing views of the Williamette River and the states of Oregon and Washington. It was actually a moderate 1.5-2 miles up and down, but the views at the top were more than worth it. I sat up there for close to an hour just looking out, admiring the view – this hike was incredible. It set the bar pretty high for my first hike in Portland. And I wasn’t sure things could get too much better…

Angels Rest 4

Angels Rest 5 Angels Rest

Angels Rest 6Angels Rest 5Angels Rest 6


This past week I checked out Ecola State Park and Cannon Beach on Oregon’s coast, which apparently is one of the 10 most beautiful towns on the west coast. This was about 90 minutes outside of Portland. The beach was beautiful and the hike had some pretty views – unfortunately it was a little cloudy but so nice to see the Pacific Ocean 🙂  Part of the park is part of the original Louis & Clark trail!

Oregon coast_Ecola


This is Haystack Rock, which is 235 feet tall and a huge tourist destination.  People say it’s beautiful to see at sunset, I can only imagine.

Haystack Rock Haystack3 HaystackRock2

Obviously, I packed up lots of snacks to enjoy on the hike. I bought the coconut water as an impulse buy, but I wasn’t a fan. I think I’m just not a coconut water fan. Energy bar ecola15 coconut waterDid about 8 miles hiking overall!

Another cool outdoorsy thing to do is go to the hot springs. A few of us went my first weekend here – these weren’t exactly how I pictured out in nature, but I think there are some others that are more real out in nature. The water gets HOT!



What did you do this weekend?


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