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Two Years of Blogging Lessons and a Giveaway for you!

Good morning friends,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. It’s still in the 80’s here in Charlotte, and I’m reallllly hoping for some cooler fall weather soon! I feel like I wasn’t outside much this weekend aside from running and our Sunday morning hike with Tater! We went to Lake Norman State Park and did a 4 mile hike. Most of the trail was shaded so the weather wasn’t too unbearable.

Weekend recap

I did some meal prep for the week ahead and we settled in watching some Grey’s on Sunday night.

So, fun story for you guys today. It dawned upon me recently that I’m coming up on my two year anniversary with blogging. I can’t believe it’s been two years ago since I first hit publish for the first time.

Truth be told, I had the blog long before I even hit publish but it was scary to think about posting for an audience in the beginning (not that you really have an audience aside from family right away). Also, I clearly didn’t understand sizing pictures yet.

Let’s fast forward to two years ago…

I had just gotten married and moved out to Portland, Oregon for my final RD internship rotation. I was interning with the RD at the Nike Campus in Beaverton. It was a short term position, but an amazing one, as you can probably imagine.

Some of my earlier posts touched on some days in the life. When I wasn’t working, I was exploring. I did a lot of exploring solo (which is fine by me), and I tried allll the food. It was a fun few months! I actually had quite a few visitors, so that helped too.

Public Market Seattle, blogging lessons

This was my final rotation before my Master’s thesis presentation, which would be the final step before the RD Exam. I learned about corporate wellness, which still remains one of my nutrition passions. I also learned more about food allergies in large scale cafeteria settings, and all the care and time that goes into menu development and roll outs. We were opening a brand new cafe during the time I was there. Each cafe on the Nike campus was staffed with a professional chef who could develop the menu. I had to perform nutritional analysis for each menu item and check for allergens, ingredients, and when it’s okay to use “low sodium” claims. Those aren’t things I’m doing in my day to day job now, but it was a good experience if it ever comes up in the future!

What made me want to start blogging?

I’ve had the blogging idea marinating in my head for years. I’ve always loved to write, and I’ve been a reader of blogs for as long as I figured out what they were! However, I never realized I had things to say until I actually put my thoughts on paper. Being in a new place by myself for 3 months was a great learning experience. And doing it in Portland of all places had me stimulated in so many ways. With everything to do and explore, I felt motivated to finally start documenting things. I think part of it was having more people to talk to, too!

I started a virtual bucket list – that’s essentially what my blog was in the beginning. Sort of an accountability system to keep track of everywhere I wanted to eat, drink and run in Portland. It was a bucket list for my tummy. I still have many of those places listed under my travel section. I don’t know what I’m really going to do with it, but it’s just hangin’ out currently.

My thoughts on blogging currently

I continue to love blogging and love writing. Blogging has opened many new doors for me and brought me new friendships. It’s introduced me to new brands, and helped me share my unique creativity in the kitchen (while also motivating me to be in the kitchen!)

But, it’s not my full time job. So, finding time can be a challenge at times. Sometimes it’s just impossible to get 3 posts up a week with my client load, my freelance work, and the desire to just have a life. But, at the same time, I have a voice and a message to share, and I love having this platform to do so.

I love how blogging can help me remember life events. While I don’t treat it exactly like a journal, I do relay real life events and thoughts that are fun to go back and read. Sometimes I forget things and I’ll refer back to Wellness Wednesday posts for clients.

Ogden Marathon Race Recap, blogging lessons

Blogging is great for all of those reasons. I have a lot of people ask me about starting a blog. In my opinion, there’s no better time. At some point, I think nearly everyone will probably have a blog of some sort. Maybe it will become a type of career resume. If you love to write, you should give it a try! Just find a host, and start on WordPress (that’s the easiest in my opinion).

On the flip side, blogging is hard. Aside from making time and sacrifices, there’s alot to learn and know. I still don’t understand everything. There’s so much to freakin’ know about SEO, pinterest shares, etc. that its easy to feel overwhelmed by it all. But if you’re blogging because you love it, it’s easier to not feel as bogged down by all the noise around you.


I do know that I love developing relationships with readers. When you guys email me about a post or to say thanks or ask questions, I love it! I love this newfound communication that wouldn’t exist otherwise. I’ve even met a few of you in real life, thanks to this online platform of connection. I try my hardest to respond to each and every one of your comments, because it means so much to me that you are stopping by and reading the blog. Consistency is important for blogging (whatever consistent schedule works for you), and being authentic with your readers. I love blogs that provide information, but I also love to learn about the person behind the blog. I try to show a little bit of both. But you guys tell me if you like that!

I still want to give you guys more value. I want to continue to help people. I’d love to build up my private practice more and develop a more formal website for it. I still want to help people and runners fix their relationship with food. And become normal, competent eaters, who eat enough. So, there’s still a lot left to accomplish, but I’m enjoying each day as it comes.

I’d love to know what you guys want to see more of – more recipes, nutrition posts, running posts, lifestyle posts? I’ll probably share a survey soon so I can make sure I’m producing content you guys want to see!

Your Giveaway

To help celebrate this milestone and as a THANK YOU for reading, I’e teamed up with some of my favorite brands for a little giveaway package for YOU. Thank you to Manitoba Harvest, Banza Pasta, Crazy Richards Peanut Butter and Health Warrior for supporting me. One lucky winner will win:

  • Banza Pasta (this chickpea pasta is LEGIT). Some of my favorite pasta!
  • Portable Crazy Richards Peanut Butter packs and their new powdered peanut butter packs
  • A variety of Health Warrior bars (chia bars, pumpkin seed bars, plant protein bars)
  • A bag of Manitoba Harvest Hemp seeds

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These are some of my daily staples. I’ll also be doing a separate giveaway for my newsletter subscribers, so subscribe here if you haven’t for another chance to win! The giveaway will remain open for a week!

Giveaway, blogging lessons

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What content would you like to see more of?

What have you learned from blogging?

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