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Vintage Coffee Cafe

The decorations and atmosphere at Vintage are adorable and unbeatable. It reminds me of the west coast, like some of the coffee shops you’d find in Portland.

Vintage Coffee Cafe_Charleston

The inside is very small, but there is some seating available outside. Unfortunately, no French Press coffee here if that’s your thing! They have beautiful mugs for your coffee and the espresso is delicious.

Vintage Coffee Cafe_Charleston

Vintage Coffee Cafe_Charleston

They have a great menu for food, and even different toast options (the avocado toast sounds amazing)!

We tried the banana chocolate PB acai bowl and the cinnamon roll french toast. The acai base is a blend of avocado and berries. It’s topped with bananas, chocolate and peanut butter swirl and some granola. I honestly think it needed more of a peanut butter flavor. It wasn’t the greatest acai bowl I’ve ever had for $8.00.

Vintage Coffee Cafe_Charleston

We also tried the cinnamon roll french toast, which is one of their most popular entrees. It’s delicious and comes topped with some blueberries and strawberries and butter and syrup on the side! They are nice and fluffy – just wish there were more!

Vintage Coffee Cafe_CharlestonVintage Coffee Cafe_Charleston
It gets really busy after 9:30 on Sunday, so try to come early!

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