6 Upper Body Workouts For Runners

Bucket List Tummy

– A solid dumbell set – Bands – These are great in place of dumbbells sometimes or if you have injury or lack of range of motion. – Bench

Equipment  Needed

The dumbbell front raise works the anterior deltoids, which are located on the front of the shoulder. Even more, the anterior deltoids perform a front raise in the same plane as the arms swing while running. 

1. Dumbbell Front Raise

While these muscles aren’t actively creating momentum during running, like the anterior deltoids are, they’re responsible for supporting healthy posture, which allows the body to perform any activity more efficiently. 

2. Seated Cable Rows or Dumbbell Bent-Over Row

Like the name implies, triceps kickbacks work the triceps, which are located on the back of each arm. The triceps partner with the anterior deltoids to push the arm swing in running, so triceps endurance is key to making sure the arms don’t tire out.

3. Triceps  Kickbacks

The name of this exercise might seem a little puzzling, but “21” refers to the amount of reps you’ll complete per set. So, for this exercise only, we’ll let go of our go-to number of 15 reps per set.

4. Dumbbell  21s

Inchworms emphasize not only upper body strength but also upper body and core stability, all of which are important for runners.

5. Inchworms

Dumbbell YTs are a combination of two movements—a Y raise and a rear delt fly—that emphasize stability in the upper back. If these muscles are week, posture while running will be compromised more quickly.

6. Dumbbell  YTs

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