Weekend Recap + Marathon Training Week 10

  Oct 6, 2019  |  #Marathon Training

Firstly, I started a free Facebook group for nutrition tips for runners. My goal with this group is to foster a non diet community for running questions and motivation. There will be comradery, support from other members, and general topics about nutrition. Come on over and join!

Marathon Updates

I can’t believe I’m two weeks out from my marathon – I’m finally starting to get excited! This has been an emotional training cycle, full of ups and downs, some disappointment, some euphoria, but some just ready for it to be over.

But in the last few weeks I feel like I’ve come to the point of enjoying the training part of it again, which has been a nice mental shift. 

I keep losing my Garmin charger so I’ve run with Ed’s watch, my Nike app on my phone or no GPS at all. It’s been a mess. But I ordered a new one and things are good now on that front.

This week brought just under 30 miles for the week, which has been pretty average for me during training. I know that sounds so low, but it’s what has worked for me as training while being a mom so I’m sticking to it. 

I’m really loving smoothie bowls after long runs because they are so easy and refreshing. I’m really loving Daily Harvest (the chocolate mint one is SO good) for making post run meals easy. 

I got 3 runs in this week and one day of cross training and one day of yoga, which is one of my better weeks in terms of consistency. One 6 mile run, one 7 mile run and Sunday’s 13 mile run. Since the weather has started cooling down, I feel SO much better and stronger when running.

I didn’t realize how much heat affected me until it’s gone and I notice how much easier running feels. But I need to be careful what I wish for – Detroit may be very cold on race day morning. 

Saturday’s solo 13 miles was enjoyable for a solo run. I ran on the C&O canal, but a new part of it, and listened to a bunch of different podcasts, ranging from Pinterest tips, to marathon inspiration, to inspiration about entrepreneurship

I used Skratch and really liked it. I wanted to practice with the chews one more time before race day and I think I will settle on those and some gu’s for race day. 

Weekend Recap

We headed to a local winery on Friday night that we love. They usually do a food truck and live music. However, about an hour later, there was still no food truck and we learned that the had canceled so that was a bummer.

We headed home soon after because we were all hungry. The view was good while it lasted though. 

Saturday morning, Ed ran the Freedoms Run Marathon (a last minute decision lol), so Cam and I met him at the finish. 

Cam gave him kisses after he was done!

Later on Saturday, we went pumpkin picking.

On Sunday, I busted out my 13 miles and then came home, made lunch, put Cam down for a nap and did a little work before we headed into our little town for a get together. We got burgers, fries and milkshakes before heading back home so I could do a little meal prep for the week.

Yummy Eats

I realized I forgot to take lots of photos this past week but here are some things I did photograph.

These chocolate chip pumpkin bars. I made them for my cooking class at Sprouts, and made extra to have for the week. 

Quick black bean quesadillas. 

Fish tacos from a local brewery.

Chickpeas, barley, rotisserie chicken and fruits. 


Just chugging along over here. Linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down!

13 responses to “Weekend Recap + Marathon Training Week 10

  1. I wouldn’t stress about your weekly mileage…we all have different needs/preferences/obligations, etc. What works for you is what you should stick with đŸ˜‰ I do much better with low/moderate mileage (I average between 25-30 miles/week as well). Anything over that and I risk over-training, big time LOL OMG, those choc chip pumpkin bars look heavenly!

    1. I’ve thought alot about this and I’d much rather be undertrained than overtrained. Thanks for sharing! And yes, the bars ARE heavenly!

  2. It seems like there are so many great wineries out there! I’m exciting for next summer when Grayson is walking to be able to hang out at places like that more. Right now he gets bored pretty quickly!
    Looks like your training is going great! It seems like your figured out how to balance everything and get in your runs.
    Can’t believe Ed ran a last minute marathon! Congrats to him!

    1. He is crazy, haha but he’s always been like that. Yes, it gets a little easier when they’re older but Camryn’s attention span is still like zero lol.

  3. I will definitely check out your Facebook group – I’m always looking for nutrition tips and tricks!
    The heat also really affects my running – it always slows me down by at least a minute per mile, sometimes more. i much prefer running in the Fall/Winter.

  4. actually sounds like a good week all in all! I take it Ed was more or less prepared for the marathon? My husband makes last minute decisions like this more often than I’d like him too (as I think he’s getting burnt out!)

    hooray for wineries!

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