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Weekend Eats and Recap

Morning! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I took the day off from clients on Friday so we could look at some daycares. To me, it seems super early but everyone says the wait lists fill up quickly and this is one thing to start early. So, no harm in reaching out and learning. We’ve seen a few, which is helpful in comparing and figuring out what we really like!

Then, I took myself to lunch at McAlister’s Deli. I was craving a sandwich, and it was a special day where club sandwiches were only $4.00!

Then, I worked on some freelance projects and responded to some emails throughout the afternoon. My brother was in town for a wedding and stayed with us for the weekend, so I picked up some things at the grocery store.

Once I got home, I went for a quick run and got started on dinner. I made this recipe and it turned out delicious. I added tortilla chips to my bowl for some extra crunch.

Enchilada bake

For dessert, I made Alexis’s cookies (my favorite) and added them to some ice cream. We parked ourselves on the couch and watched “Unexpected” on Netflix, which was cute because I could relate to so much of the movie (not the title though, LOL).

Weekend recap

Weekend recap

On Saturday morning, I had some clients, then picked up a few things for South Africa. Less than two weeks until we leave! I came home and made lunch for my brother and me – rotisserie chicken, skillet sweet potatoes and some sauteed kale.

Weekend eats

Then, my brother got ready to head to the wedding (he was playing the opening music and first dance song), and I spent the afternoon doing some holiday recipe testing. Ed and I then worked on cleaning some of the guest rooms. We’re currently trying to decide which of the 3 guest rooms to use as the baby room. I am a visual person and feel like I need some baby room inspiration before I decide what to buy and how to set up. So, started a baby Pinterest board.

I looked through some old pictures from college and my boxes of baseball cards. I just can’t seem to throw those away. Anyone else collect baseball cards when they were little?

I got hungry and took a break to make some pizza. Trader Joe’s pizza dough is one of my favorite grocery finds, especially since I love pizza so much. We topped it with mushrooms, kale, spinach, roasted red peppers, chicken and barbeque sauce.

Weekend eats

Sunday started with some cinnamon buns and the New York Marathon. Shalane was amazing, what a performance! An American woman hadn’t won that marathon in 40 years.

Weekend eatsNY Marathon

The rest of the afternoon included taking Tater to the dog park and getting some more stuff around the house done. We took our Christmas picture, too! I hope you had an enjoyable and/or relaxing weekend.

Any weekend highlights?

Did you used to collect anything when you were little that you still have now?

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  1. Hmmm, I can’t think of what I collected as a kid. I did have a lot of wind chimes because people seemed to think I collected them – but I actually hated them I think one birthday they were the trendy gift and I got a few and friends and family saw them and thought I collected them and kept on buying haha.

  2. I didn’t watch the NYC marathon, but I can appreciate how amazing Shalane’s talent is and what this means for American female distance running. One step closer to getting back into the world’s great marathoners. My weekend was busy at work because the local college had their homecoming and parent’s weekend. It was a full two days and I crashed hard last night, hand in the M&M bag 😉
    I actually don’t have anything I used to play with when I was young. I was a reader and used to feel a connection to my books, but a recent journey into minimalism made me realize that I have never read any of them more than once (except Harry Potter) and although I love them, that’s what libraries are for.

    My brothers collected baseball cards. One of them was a stats whiz and knew EVERYTHING. I wish I had that memory. I’ll have to check out your Pinterest boards. I bet they are great.

    1. I really want to become more minimalist – there’s a book about declutter that I have to read on my list. Joining the library last month was like the best thing I’ve done in years!

  3. That was SO cool to see that Shalane won the marathon for the women; I was so excited to hear about that! And all of the food here looks delicious. I’m especially eyeing that beautiful club sandwich; $4.00 for a club sandwich is such a good deal.

    Isn’t Pinterest such a blessing for decorating inspiration? I’m excited about your baby room!

  4. TJs pizza dough is so yummy! Daycares can have a long wait list, most of the ones we looked at had a 6-8 month waitlist but I think it can be longer or shorter depending on your area. How exciting about your trip!!!!

  5. What a gooooood delicious weekend. Cinnamon buns and pizza, yes please. Look at you thinking ahead for the holidays, too. Geez. I really should be doing that….. sigh.

    1. I’m really not a planner but little things come to me. And since we’ll be in South Africa for Thanksgiving, I knew I wanted to get our Christmas cards out before or right after we get home!

  6. Aw what a fun weekend!! So much yummy food too 🙂 I am so excited for your Africa trip! Can’t wait to read about it… that is going to be an amazing time!
    My weekend highlight was a nature walk and presenting at a conference!

  7. What a fun weekend! I’ve had that enchilada quinoa bake pinned on Pinterest forever- looks SO good!! Looks like tons of delicious meals this weekend. That cookie and ice cream combo, too. Yum!!!