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I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. Ours was fairly low key and productive – I haven’t done a weekend recap in a while so figured it was time.

I stopped and picked up some cupcakes from Maddy’s Fatty’s on the way home from work on Friday afternoon.  If there are any Cupcake Wars lovers reading, you may recognize them from the show. I just had a cupcake craving (and I mainly love the icing). So, I got a French toast, Peanut Butter, Oreo and Salted Caramel that didn’t last very long. I can’t be trusted around sweets, especially really good ones.

When I got home, I whipped up some shrimp tacos for dinner and photographed the recipe (hope to share soon!), and also made some doughey oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. We took tater for a long walk and settled up with some Netflix.

Shrimp tacos


On Saturday, I got up and ran before taking Tater to the dog park. We’ve learned that there’s a great group at 9am on the weekends, and if we can wear Tater out early in the day, it makes the rest of the day much easier. I beat the bad heat, but there was still plenty of humidity.

Saturday run

I showered and headed uptown to meet some food blogger friends for brunch at Bistro la Bon. One of my friends, Alyssa, recently moved away but was back defending her dissertation, so it was lovely to see her again. I just wanted a simple breakfast plate with scrambled eggs so that’s what I got.


Later that afternoon, I did some work around the house, took Tater for a walk, and we headed back uptown for dinner with friends.


We ate at Babalu’s, a fun tapas, latin fusion restaurant. I went about a year ago and had been itching to take Ed back. We started with some queso and table made guac, before ordering some plates to share. We got the steak on a stick and an array of tacos.



And a picture of the gals.



On Sunday, we slept in (which was glorious), and shared a french press and made some pancakes before tackling some cleaning. French presses are my favorite way to start a slow sunday morning. We started to get things in order for our trip to Rhode Island, I wrote this post and did a few loads of laundry.

Ed and I did some errands and got some stuff for the house and I did a little afternoon run. Sunday was BEAUTIFUL, and wasn’t humid like it has been. It was a little cooler and the run felt so much better. The Block Island 15k is about 6 weeks out, so I’ll be incorporating some faster paced runs soon.

I made my zucchini salmon patties with some sweet potato fries for dinner, except I subbed canned tuna. We’re just trying to get rid of what we have before our trip, so this dinner hit the spot. Plus, leftovers for lunch today.


How was your weekend?

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  1. 100% agreed that it is so worth it to get the dog’s energy out in the morning. Our huskies are always bursting with energy in the morning, and that’s what makes an early morning run or late morning run pretty exciting for them and me. I love how God designed them with such energy to motivate me on the run. And those cupcakes sound INCREDIBLE Sarah; I am 10000% all about the sweets.

  2. Pancakes are – the – best way to start a weekend morning. They just don’t even feel as nice on a week day. Also, when I visit you, please take me to that cupcake place. Peanut butter, oreo and salted caramel? Geez louise.

    When do you leave for Rhode Island?