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Weekends are meant for good food and mental recharge

Good morning!

I’m still recovering from our weekend of travel but ready to start a new week. How was your holiday weekend? 

We went to Oak Island to spend Easter with my in-laws. Unfortunately, it was a rainy weekend but that didn’t damper our party! I actually welcomed the overcast skies because I took naps, I read, I watched movies, and spent a lot of time laying horizontal. It’s easy to run around and not take time to breathe at home, but it almost seems natural to take more time to breathe and relax when we’re in a new environment. Plus, sharing good food and conversation with others, and taking the time to recharge is what weekends are for, right?


We stopped at Subway for a quick lunch break on the drive. I had the chopped salad and added tuna, with a side chocolate chip cookie and Diet Coke. Every once in a while I’ll have a craving for a diet soda – respect those cravings! It tasted so good, and the cookie helped power us through the rest of the driving. 


Upon arriving, we headed out the back door to the beach to get a little run in after sitting so long. I did about 4.5 miles. I had the wind in my face the first half and it was a challenge! I didn’t feel great overall but I did enjoy the fresh breeze and beach smells – those can’t be beat! And then, there was minimal exercise the rest of the weekend, and lots of good food.

beach run2

beach running

We did a low country boil on the first night! Corn on the cob, kielbasa, potatoes, shrimp and Alaskan crab legs with Old Bay Seasoning. I was in heaven!

low countr boil

And some fruit, and wine, for extra antioxidants 🙂



Octopus Ceviche tacos


grilled cheese

grilled cheese2




I woke up like this…


We colored and hid some Easter eggs for the kiddies to find – it was so fun watching them look and get excited!


Oh, and last week I had the pleasure of having lunch with Jen from PBR (Peanut Butter Runner) at Namastay Kitchen, which for my love of fresh, healthy ingredients, this place was spot on! It’s so nice getting to know local bloggers better and Jen gave me some great blogging advice!


I’ll end with this wonderful reminder fr0m my planner: Just live ya’ll – less thinking and obsessing and more living. And, treat yoself. 


PS – There’s still time to enter the Aldi giveaway for a nice $50.00 giveaway!

Do you have any special Easter traditions?

Have you ever done a low country boil?

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  1. I don’t have any Easter traditions now that I’m out of the house. When I was a kid we would go to the sunrise service at 7:00AM and then of course Easter baskets FTW! Your weekend looked lovely! Yummy food and relaxation is just what Jesus was resurrected for hahhaha

  2. Those beach views are so pretty! Our Easter tradition is to color eggs the night before and wake up early for sunrise mass.

  3. The pictures of the ocean look so gorgeous and all of your food looks delish! We don’t have too many Easter traditions, but we do always go to mass in the morning, have lunch at my mom’s house then head to my grandparents’ for more food! Looks like you had such a great weekend!

  4. There is nothing more relaxing than spending time at the beach right!?! I could just listen to the waves for hours! We do shrimp boils all the time and lots of people around me like crawfish like this but I’m not much on crawfish so I stick to shrimp. The corn and potatoes in the crab bowl seasoning is wonderful although my husband says they are too hot most times!

  5. Your eats!!! Oh my God they look so delicious, I ma terribly envious. The crab supper and those pastries are right up my alley! The cup of coffe in hand with the sweat pants by the beach seems like the ideal wekkend, seems like you really enjoyed yourself!

  6. Your weekend sounds wonderful!! I’ve never been to a low country boil, but I’ve always wanted to! I’m so jealous you got to have lunch with Jen! So cool! I’ve not met any local bloggers around here, but I did meet up with Kate once and that was fun.
    I’m dying over that grilled cheese!

  7. Mmm. That boil looks delicious. They’re one of my favorite meals to make. I usually make sure there is lots of shrimp too. Old Bay rocks. I found Herr’s Chips awhile back that are Old Bay flavored. & they’re way too addicting so I have to buy the small bags. Haha.

    Bummer it rained. But sometimes, like you said, not a bad thing after all if it means some good QT & rest.

  8. Sounds like such a fun weekend! That grilled cheese looks absolutely amazinggg. And yay for meeting blogging friends! I have yet to met someone from the blogging world but I hope to in my future! Hope you have a great start to your week!

    1. I have a goal to join more local blogging groups to meet more people, because it’s great to establish friendships and share ideas. Hope your Easter was fabulous- have a great week 🙂

  9. I was feeling pretty envious of all your good eats and beautiful views via snapchat! I’m glad you were able to get some relaxing time with the fam! Those are so special times.
    I’ve never had octopus before, but I’d totally try it. Putting it on my list.
    Also, you should totally remake that grilled cheese and share the deets!

  10. I’ve never even heard of a “low country boil,” but damn, it pretty much looks like the epitome of food heaven. Wow!!
    Your weekend sounds and looks spectacular. There is not much that is more therapeutic than the feel and smell of beach air, not to mention rainy weekends spent with family and relaxation. Swoon. I feel better just imagining it all. Ps I’ve known the love of balsamic strawberries but on a grilled cheese!? Oh heck ya. have a great week!

    1. You are right on with the therapeutic sense of healing with fresh air. Balsamic strawberries on grilled cheese is a hidden gem. My mother in law has this amazing recipe I need to recreate!