Our First Weekend in Maryland

  Jun 16, 2019  |  #Lifestyle

Good morning!

I’ll keep this one short and sweet but wanted to pop in and say we made it to Maryland FINALLY. The last few weeks/months have been total chaos and quite stressful.

To be honest, I’ve felt very out of sync, which I guess happens when you’re out of your normal routine. I’m looking forward to getting settled here and finally feeling at home. Ever since we decided we would actually move (which was last fall), I’ve just felt so unsure and up in the air.

But, having made the move and starting to settle in, I know this is 100% right for us and I’m feeling more and more excited to trust the process and explore. 

We had movers come help us unpack everything Friday and spent the weekend trying to figure out where things should go. Our kitchen is SO spacious, especially compared to our old house, so I’m at a loss for organizing when I have so many options.

I absolutely love the space and cabinets (that was a priority for me!) and can’t wait until we have a table and everything. I’ll make sure to update with photos when we do! In the meantime, here’s an empty view since it’s currently trashed with moving boxes. 

We spent our first night eating dinner (pizza) on the back deck. We pretty much sold all of our furniture (sans our bed, Camryn’s crib and an entry way table), so we’re on the hunt for some new stuff.

Until we find a kitchen table, we may be eating out here more often, which I’m more than okay with. We’re all just eating on the floor with Camryn, which I hope is teaching her that there’s no right way or one way to enjoy food. 

On Saturday, we unpacked, went for a family jog and explored the neighborhood and made our way to a new brewery called Harpers Ferry Brewery.

I think we’ll come here often, the views are amazing and the beer/food trucks were great, too. I found out that they even make their own spiked seltzers, which I thought was cool. The views of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers is breathtaking, with mountains in the back. 

I got chicken tacos with a pineapple salsa and some summer corn salad that was delish. Camryn went to town on the corn. 

You guys know I’m itching to try out more of the local spots, and this was a promising first find. 

Poor Camryn has been such a trooper with all of this change. We had to be out of our old house in late May, traveled to Rhode Island, traveled to Pennsylvania and finally we’re settled here.

Nap schedules are off. Eating schedules are off. Sleeping through the night is a wild card right now. But, I’m reminding myself that children are so resilient and she’ll catch up on rest as needed and all will be fine.

This has been a good test for my sometimes-type-A-personality to just sit back and recognize that this will be a slow process of unpacking, especially until we have childcare set up.

This week I want to try to get my new license set up (wish me luck!), and later this week, I’m taking a trip with my mom and two sisters for my mom’s birthday so that is exciting!

Ever moved? How long did it take you to unpack? How do you prioritize?



8 responses to “Our First Weekend in Maryland

  1. I’ve only ever moved from college to this apartment and had minimal items in the move so unpacking was so easy. Now that we’re packing up the apartment, I’m kind of dreading the unpacking part since it’s going to take time to get everything how we want it. Good luck with it all and that kitchen is GORGEOUS!!

  2. Thankful for God’s AWESOME beauty in places everywhere. That view from the brewery is stunning. Also, I’m so so so glad you got there, and it looks like it’s going to be an absolutely wonderful new place to set up home and for Cam to grow up.

  3. Oh man oh man. Moving is so much work, and definitely requires one to just “let go.” Patience to have the routines set in, the mess away etc. It will come! But your kitchen is INCREDIBLE! So beautiful and open and bright!

    I’m glad you’ve arrived safely. Enjoy this bit of a messy phase, and keep enjoying that pizza on the floor!

  4. The new house looks great, Sarah! Plus, that brewery is on my list for the next time I am in that area…

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