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What I Ate Saturday After a Long Run

Good morning!

Happy Wednesday, my foodies! These eats are from Saturday, my last long(er) run before the marathon (12 miles).

It’s funny when I call this a long run because compared to the middle of marathon training when I was doing 18-22, this seemed like nothing. Perspective is a crazy idea.

I like showing a weekend day of eats because they’re usually more sporadic, rather than packed and planned out for the week. Since I’m eating at home, I’m thinking more on my feet.

I woke up early and had some coffee with a Gu Stroop Waffle dipped in peanut butter for my pre run meal.

These waffles are amazing – they taste like dessert but are perfect for pre (or post) run since they are mostly carbohydrates + sodium. They are delicious dipped in coffee also. I also had some of my vegan chickpea bars that I made earlier in the week.

I came home a sweaty mess and hungry. I took one Huma gel during my run, so was craving some more water and cold food. 

I love smoothie bowls after my long runs, and this one had to be made and eaten in a rush before my 11am client. I used Vega One protein, frozen bluebs, frozen bananas, Fairlife milk, greek yogurt and topped with more bluebs, chia seeds, and sunbutter bars.

I also packed an apple and larabar for the car.

Smoothie bowl

After my client, I stopped by the grocery store so I could come home and test a recipe I’m hoping to share in the upcoming weeks! Before recipe testing (food makes me hungry), I made a grilled cheese to cure the craving I was having.

I used Dave’s Killer Bread, and a few slices of cheese, added some kale, peppers and tomato slices. And some avocado too! Paired with some blood orange and more kale.

What I Ate WednesdayWhat I Ate Wednesday

I also just wanted to hang out with Tater. It was gorgeous, so we went for a long walk and played outside.

For a snack later, I had some Vanilla Stonyfat Whole Milk Greek Yogurt topped with some pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dry cereal and a scoop of peanut butter (that looks hidden).

What I Ate Wednesday

I polished off the last of my leftover tofu (this recipe) over some quinoa and kale for dinner out on the back deck. Tater watched. This peanut sauce is to.die.for. I am so obsessed and could just eat the sauce as is. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Hot last bit of my nail polish, huh?

What I Ate Wednesday

The weather has been so gorgeous, so I have just wanted to be outside on the deck. This perfect weather only lasts a short while, and then it gets unbearably hot here.

Then, Saturday night concluded with some Bloodline and leftover double chocolate cookies.

What I Ate Wednesday

And that’s a wrap!

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Favorite portable snack? Mine would have to be fruit and pumpkin seeds! Although I carry a jar of peanut butter, so that counts too, right?

How do you like your grilled cheese? Super cheesy!

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  1. omg your sandwich!!!! :-O I think my favorite portable snack is some kind of nuts or a smoothie in a travel mug. Bars are also a go-to for me during the work week but I have been getting tired of them!

  2. That melty sandwich looks amazing! Grilled sandwiches with lots of cheese are so good. My favorite portable snacks are PB chocolate chip Larabars and granny smith apples- I eat both almost every day!

  3. I used to not like grilled cheese, but now super cheesy sounds so good. I like my grilled cheese buttery and cheesy. Do you like Dave’s Killer Bread the best? 🙂 Also, do you completely just listen to your hunger on a long run day or do you eat because you know you need to refuel (even if you don’t feel hungry.)?

    1. Yes to buttery and cheesy! I love Dave’s Killer Bread because it has seeds (and no nuts!). To answer your other question, I am usually always hungry so it’s easy for me to listen to my hunger, but sometimes I understand that I’ll be hungrier the following day. If not, I know I need to force myself to eat a little bit more even if I’m not hungry to help with recovery!

  4. Favorite portable snack is probably some form of bars! Love RX and Lara bars. Smoothie bowls are the best after a workout- so cold and refreshing!

  5. Grilled cheese without enough cheese are one of the saddest things there could be. Especially best when there’s a couple different kinds thrown in there.
    My favorite portable snack right now are your sunflower bars. Seriously. I can’t get enough of them.

  6. YES! Love pumpkin seeds as well. And I like my grilled cheese with grassfed white cheddar – there’s something about white cheddar’s flavor that I like even more than the usual sharp cheddar.