What I Ate Wednesday (With a Newborn!)

  May 23, 2018  |  #Eats

Hi guys, welcome to the new blog! It’s been a long process and there’s still a few more tiny things to do, but I hope you enjoy it! The spacing is a little weird for this post, FYI..I still have to figure that out.

I’m linking up with Laura for some WIAW today (newborn edition).
I’ve talked about eats being sporadic and random here. I need to be better about doing meal prep when she’s sleeping or when I’m wearing a carrier, but I tend to put that on the backburner and tend to all the other things that need to be done (laundry, writing, freelance stuff, cleaning). It’s not like we’re not eating well without meal prep – it’s just a little harder. I’ve been relying on deli turkey and rotisserie chicken for protein – both easy and minimal prep. And just adding random things!


Leftover Kodiak Cakes with banana, peanut butter, granola and maple syrup. I love Kodiak Cakes because they have a bit more protein and the batter is pretty much made for you!

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Then, I headed out on an hour walk with Tater and Camryn. I really try to do these in the morning before it gets too hot because I don’t want Cam sweating in her carseat. It’s a nice relaxing time for me to catch up on podcasts and such. Cam usually falls asleep while we’re out so it leads into one of her naps when I come home.  When she woke up, we played a little bit and did some tummy time.



A little bit of everything! I took some greens and added deli turkey, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes, hummus and some saltine crackers. So random but it hit the spot! I also snacked on some sweet potato brownies too.

I had roasted some sweet potatoes and veggies on Sunday night that lasted a few days for my minimal meal prep. And then on Monday, I made some sweet potato brownies. These did not come out as fudgey as they look. I doubled the recipe so I don’t know if I made them thick enough, but they’re still yummy to snack on.
Also, a huge glass of water. I’m trying to drink at least a glass of water for each breastfeeding session because I get SO THIRSTY. And I’m trying to drink throughout the day also.


Clif Bar (unpictured).

I scarfed a Clif Builder’s Protein Bar and didn’t even think to take a picture. I’m really trying to get enough protein throughout the day, especially with snacking. A common way to snack among many of my clients (and what I have been doing) is mostly carbohydrates, without sufficient protein. Guilty as charged! I’ve been gravitating towards easy things like fruit, crackers and cookies. So, I bought some protein bars and try to snack on HB eggs when I have them.

Sadly, right now, my dairy favorites (yogurt and string cheese) are off the table. I’m doing some experimenting with dairy-free to see if it helps Camryn’s reflux. It is no fun, considering ice cream is my favorite food group. So, this is an interesting experiment that I hope to write more about. If anything, it’s teaching me more empathy for some of my clients with dietary restrictions.’


Between lunch and dinner, I made a quinoa salad. I think what will work best for making any sort of food is that it will have to be when Camryn is napping. I broke out the Ergo and put her in it so I could have my hands free to make a quinoa salad. I added quinoa + edamame + leftover kale salad mix + pumpkin seeds + cooled cucumbers. It was so refreshing and hit the spot.

I added some rotisserie chicken to my bowl for dinner and ate it with Camryn in my ergo.
Then, we went for a family walk and hung out on the back porch with a beer. We just installed a fence and it is wonderful to just sit out back and not worry about Tater running off (that used to happen alot). We usually put Camryn down between 9 and 10 (not that we have any sort of real routine yet), and then it was off to bed!
Best thing you ate recently? Mine were donuts with a friend on Sunday!
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20 responses to “What I Ate Wednesday (With a Newborn!)

  1. I love the new look Sarah! The logo is adorable!

    I think the best thing I ate recently was the little brownie sundae I made last night. I put some halo top in a bowl and crumbled a brownie to go with it. So good!

  2. I love the new design! And I love getting a glimpse into your day! I’ve commented before (I feel like I do all the time haha) but I have almost 7 week old twins (in charlotte!) and my little guy has reflux. He was in Zantac for a week but we didn’t notice any changes so he is off. I’ve tried to stay away from dairy but it is SO hard! I don’t know if it will help but people say it will. I miss Greek yogurt! So I would love to see a dairy free meal/snack idea post from you 🙂 Camryn is SO precious!

    1. Thank you, Kate! Yes, I remember you saying it. How are you holding up with twins? So funny our children are pretty much exactly the same age! No Dairy has not been fun since I pretty much love everything dairy – a post is a great idea!

      1. I am holding up okay! My only goal today was to shower and I barely fit that in ? things are great but it’s a huge life adjustment! We’re trying to stay on a 3 hour eat/wake/sleep cycle and it’s working great but I’m hoping they drop one of their middle of the night feeds soon! Time is flying by though as I’m sure you can agree with? it looks like y’all are doing so great adjusting to a whole new life!

  3. The new site looks great! If you don’t mind me asking, who did your site redesign?

    Aww man, no dairy does sound tough since you’re a huge ice cream fan! I personally love Coconut Bliss, Ben & Jerry’s dairy free, and So Delicious Cashewmilk ice creams (although I eat plenty of regular ice cream, too!), so if you’re able to give one of those a try, I highly recommend them!

  4. The new “look” of the blog is fantastic, Sarah. Best of luck with that and with the beautiful young Camryn!

  5. Your blog looks great!!!! Congrats!!! The best thing I ate recently was homemade pizza! We just got a pizza oven so it’s taken some practice but we had success on Sunday!

  6. I squealed when I first came to the site, having no clue what I was going to be surprised with. It’s so nice!! Very sharp. Very professional.

    I’m am sooorrryyy about the no dairy woes. Oh man. I know you love your ice cream. Good things there’s some tasty alternatives out there. Happy porch-ing!

  7. WOOHOO! I love that you don’t have to worry about Tater running off now; dogs running off is one of my worst fears, but I’m so thankful God has brought my dog back every time.

    And your day of eats looks so yummy. Right now sweet potato brownies sound really good; I’d love to have them with some Nutella on top. 🙂 Also Sarah I LOVE your site redesign. It’s so pretty.

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