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  Jun 26, 2019  |  #Eats/WIAW

I’m working on a fun post about Camryn’s eats in a day that I’ll plan to share soon. But in the meantime, I haven’t done a What I Ate Wednesday in quite some time so here is a phone dump of recent eats. 


They have been mostly oats, frozen waffles, or eggs and toast. Pretty much my 3 favorites right now.

I had this Bob’s Red Mill Muesli from the move before we went grocery shopping so had that one morning. 

Ed brought back Duck Donuts after a work trip earlier this week, so I had 1.5 donuts for breakfast one morning.

Probably my favorite breakfast of late were these THICK toasts in Montauk (recap post coming soon!). The slices of toast were like 6 inches thick, so satisfying. The ricotta with berries and mint was my favorite.


My flight to Montauk was cancelled so I ended up driving up for my mom’s birthday weekend. It was about a 7 hour drive. I packed lots of snacks. Totally into Lara bars right now – they have a banana chocolate chip flavor I’m obsessed with. 

I stopped at a cute coffee shop for coffee and some sweets. 

This was a separate purchase but don’t you hate it when something doesn’t taste as good as it looks? I was very disappointed with this cookie dough type bar, it sounded and looked so good but I couldn’t even eat it. 

Other Meals

Some hodge podge of leftover ingredients – kale slaw mix, quinoa, tempeh, peas, sweet potatoes and BBQ sauce. 

Pizza, always pizza. We eat it a few times a week and it makes the best leftovers. 

We made hard taco shells one night. I stuffed them with chicken sausage, cheese and some veggies. Not the most satisfying meal but it’s what we had in the fridge. 

Greens with peanut tempeh (obsessed), sweet potatoes, ketchup, cheese, with an unpictured greek yogurt and cereal. 

SUMMER CORN! I love summer corn. I have so many fond memories of eating silverqueen corn out on our deck in RI growing up. Camryn loves it too. I made my mexican zucchini corn dip and just saved the kernels off.

I’ve been making moscow mules and enjoying them out on our deck at night – so relaxing. I’m digging this ginger beer  I found. 

What foods have you been into recently?

What would I find in your pantry right now? Mine = boxes of pasta (thanks Costco) and peanut butter, tons of Lara bars, quinoa, cereal, oatmeal and mac ‘n cheese. 

3 responses to “What I Ate Wednesday

  1. Snacks are such a must have on road trips! I always pack drinks and snacks since there’s nothing worse than being hungry in the car. Recently we’ve been living off pizza. We bought a bunch on Sunday and have been eating it this week. It’s an easy no fuss meal when we have a bare fridge and kitchen.

  2. Oh that cookie dough bar looks like it should be good; I’m so sorry it wasn’t! But there are so many other good eats here. I especially am eyeing those Duck Donuts. I think we may have had Duck Donuts once when we were on the East Coast. I love how you always have such a beautiful combination of lots of yummy veggies/desserts and such. There’s such freedom in that.

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