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What I Ate Wednesday, Ordinary Style

Good morning,

I hope you’re having a good week so far! I’ve been really inconsistent about taking pictures of all my meals lately, but I made sure to do it Monday for you. Thanks to the gang for hosting the usual WIAW link up.


I made a bunch of Superhero muffins from the Run Fast East Slow cookbook over the weekend and I am just loving them. They are glorious – made with wholesome ingredients like zucchini, carrots, almond flour, maple syrup and so much more. Put this cookbook on your Christmas list!

muffins, what i ate wednesday

Breakfast was two muffins with some almond butter smeared on top alongside two scrambled eggs. I tried to rush to eat this because Tater was having a temper tantrum. Eventually, I took her for a walk and came back to finish, which took away from some of the deliciousness.

Breakfast, What I Ate Wednesday

Mondays are typical very busy, but I had a few cancellations which opened up my morning. My first client wasn’t until noon, so I headed to a coffee shop for a few before heading in to the office.

I got a chocolate orange tea, which was delicious. I’m starting to feel sick (and trying my best to stay healthy) and somewhat congested, so tea all the way.

I also knocked out some emails with clients and also with brands for 2017.

tea What I ate Wednesday

After I got to the office, my stomach started growling, so I ate a pear, some greek yogurt and one of these gingerbread cookies.

I figured I should save one for later, since it would be a late night with clients.

What I Ate Wednesday, ordinary style

Did you know 1 pear has nearly 6 grams of fiber? That’s more than bananas and apples. If you’re trying to up your fiber, pears are a simple way to do so!

After my first appointment, I had a bit of a lull, so I started planning out a wellness challenge we’re offering in January.

Since my gym is also very close to my office, I popped in for 20 minutes on the stepper as a “break,” then headed back to the office for a late lunch.


For lunch, I stopped by Publix and had my first “pub sub” as they call them. I got the mediterranean wrap, but got it on their hearty 5 grain italian bread (because I was drooling just looking at it), and I added some turkey for extra protein!

It had hummus, carrots, cucumbers, spinach, tomatoes, onions and feta cheese.  

I got to talking to this sweet old man in line who told me all the secrets about ordering the Pub Subs, and how you can add chips and a drink for $1.50.

I asked him what he was getting, and he said the usual ham and cheese with tomatoes only. I’m sure he comes in multiple times a week – so cute.

#pubsub, what i ate wednesday
#pubsub Taken from my Instagram

I also got an apple and kombucha to go alongside it, and then in typical Sarah fashion,  spilled half of the kombucha in my purse!

So now not only does my purse smell like raspberry lemon kombucha, but it also has little microbes living in it, I’m guessing?! Time for a new purse, perhaps.

I then worked through some nutrition assessments and three follow up clients before heading home around 7. It was the perfect night to try Hello Fresh!  

This was my first time trying a packaged meal system, so I was excited! We made the skewerless chicken kebabs over mediterranean couscous for dinner. It even came with a lemon yogurt sauce for a drizzle.

I snacked on one of Alexis’ muffins while I was waiting for the chicken and cous cous to cook. Her recipes always kill it, btw.

muffins ordinary style

I think I may do a whole post on Hello Fresh meals soon, but this one was a win. Very delicious and ready in under 30 minutes!

hello fresh, What I Ate Wednesday ordinary style

I’ve been eating ice cream with some dark chocolate for dessert nightly. It feels good on my sore throat and after races, I tend to eat more ice cream than usual (at least I know this about myself).

When Turkey Hill goes on sale (buy 2, get 3 free), you buy them and enjoy them. I’ve been loving mixing cookie dough and cookies ‘n cream.

What I Ate Wednesday

Have you tried a meal delivery service before?

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  1. haha i am the QUEEN of spilling liquids. usually in my purse or backpack. i swear i double or triple check to see if the lid is closed, but the inevitable happens xD 🙁

  2. #1 thing I miss about living in the South is Publix subs! Maybe that’s a small exaggeration, but they ARE good. 🙂

    I did the Terra’s Kitchen delivery. It was delicious, but pricey. As someone who like grocery shopping and planning meals, it wasn’t really worth it. I got some great ideas though!

  3. I’ve only tried meal delivery services when we’ve been sent them but they don’t really work for me as there’s so many different foods I can’t eat… plus I kind of like to experiment and do my own thing instead 😛

  4. I’ve been wanting to try a meal delivery service but haven’t gotten around to it yet…. looks like it would make for a fun night though! I hope you start to feel better- cold weather is the worst ????

  5. Your day looks so tasty! And I am totally drooling over that Pub Sub. It’s been several months since I’ve had a sub because I’m supposed to stray away from deli meats – dang pregnancy 🙂
    I’ve tried Hello Fresh before and agree that the meals are tasty. However, I also tried Home Chef and loved their meals so much more. I frequent their website to see which meals I want to order or which meals I would prefer to make on my own.

  6. I have not, though have been hearing a lot of positive reports about a few of them. Yours definitely looks pretty tasty. Have a great Thursday.

  7. That ice cream looks delicious – I love ending the day with a loaded yogurt parfait for a sweet and creamy snack too. I’ve never tried a meal service, but I definitely wouldn’t mind testing one out!

  8. Superhero muffins sound pretty awesome! I need to go get some almond flour + veggies!! And yay for pears!! I ran outta those too–must restock!

  9. I love Turkey Hill ice cream, and all your noms look good! You do a good job of getting in those nutrients even with busy days.

  10. Darn puppies. They definitely take away some of your “relaxation time” during meals, especially. I did not know that about pears! But I’ve been eating them far more this year – way more than apples now – so this is good to know. Love the story about the man at the sub place. He obviously sticks to what he loves, and wanted to share his joy with you!
    I hope your cold doesn’t get any worse and that you tea-power it out of your system. Ice cream will help too. 🙂

  11. I love your day of eats! I had no idea pears had so much fiber, it must be the skin.
    You seem to have such “relax” work days, do you work on your own type of schedule?!

    1. Yes, I always make sure to eat the skin on fruits for that very reason. It just depends on the day, really. Since I had some cancellations, this day turned out to be very low key!

  12. I’ve never tried a meal delivery service, how much do you have to use the oven? My apartment only has a stove so that won’t work for me. I only like pears when they are perfect,y ripe…which only occurs for like a 4 hour window, so that is rare lol

  13. I make the Superhero muffins all the time! And I usually freeze any that Im not going to eat that week, so I have a nice little supply going on for times when I don’t bake. I need to try other recipes from the book but I don’t want to stop making the stuff I like!