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  Oct 26, 2016  |  #Eats/WIAW

Hi guys! Happy midpoint of the week!

I’m giving a glimpse into my life today with another What I Ate Wednesday. Don’t forget to check out some of the other yummy eats!

I had a slower morning on Monday (which was much needed), since I didn’t see clients until the afternoon and evening. I made some eggs, and plopped one on a piece of toast with avocado, and the other over some sauteed kale with roasted spaghetti squash seeds (SO GOOD!). On the side was a brown rice/sweet potato burger that Ed actually made a few nights ago. He has made me some great dinners on nights when I have clients until late. I sent him this recipe, which he adapted a little bit!

WIAW, eggs

Morning snack was some tortilla chips and hummus, while catching up on some emails. Then, it was a lot of charting and responding to some inquiries about our wellness programs. I also had a new client, and those visits usually take about 90 minutes. I hate to be hungry during them since we are talking about food afterall, so I always have a snack before hand.

WIAW, chips, hummus


We ordered lunch to our office from Viva Chicken. I got the power salad with a blend of romaine and kale, edamame, avocado, corn, peppers, queso cheese, and chicken. You can’t order something from Viva Chicken without the chicken. It’s peruvian style and is soo flavorful. And I have to try each and every sauce, naturally. I’m a total dipper at heart.

WIAW, viva chicken

I had an unexpected afternoon break between clients so I ran to the post office to send something out I sold off Ebay. Grabbed a decaf iced coffee while I was out.

By the way, it was so reassuring to be back in Boston last week and see everyone drinking iced coffees. It’s the norm. I sure do loved my iced coffee!

WIAW, iced coffee

I had a sweet snack a few hours later. I had late clients, and on those days I basically pack my whole kitchen snack shelf. Thanks to FNCE, I have a humongous stash of snacks that may last me through the end of November. I tried this Udi’s snicker doodle cookie and dipped it in sunbutter. I urge you to do this because it was so so amazing! PS – yes, sunbutter is making individual size portions now. Great snag from FNCE. I saw them in Harris Teeter the other day too while doing a grocery store tour!

afternoon snack, WIAW, cookies

Then, I had two late clients who got metabolic tests. It’s such a cool test that we do to test your basal metabolic rate, so people can understand where they stand. You can read more about metabolism here. I snacked on some fruit while recapping those visits. Strawberries and pineapples are some of my favorite fruit flavors together! (Aside from strawberries and bananas).

WIAW, fruit, snacks

Dinner turned out to be leftover vegetarian lasagna spaghetti squash that we had made a few nights earlier.  It was really good. I subbed cottage cheese for ricotta cheese to cut back on some of the fat and add in more protein. I also added in some chickpeas too!

WIAW, spaghetti squash

Otherwise, I’m starting the tapering period for my marathon. I can’t believe it’s a week and a half away! I feel that my appetite is at its peak right now, so I’m just making sure to choose quality fuels that I know will help me feel good. I have my last longer speed session tomorrow, and then I plan on getting a good long stretch/yoga session in.

Do you trust your significant other to follow a recipe? 

Favorite seasoning to roast your spaghetti squash/pumpkin seeds? I love olive oil, garlic, sea salt and a sprinkle of pepper!



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32 responses to “What I Ate Wednesday

  1. Sooo I definitely can’t trust Jesse to follow a recipe. For one, he doesn’t know how to measure… ANYTHING and secondly, somehow he thinks he knows how to cook everything.

    One time I was making chili and he was like “NO NO NO! What are you doing! You do NOT put tomatoes in chili!” and I was like “erm… yeah you do? How else do you think you make a sauce” and he replied “it’s just meat and chilli… the meat makes the sauce” << and in that moment I thanked God that I knew how to cook because otherwise I'd be starving 😛

  2. I would love to shadow you one day at your job! I’m very interested in your company.
    Your breakfast is very inspirational to me- makes me want to get out of my normal ruts!

  3. All your eats look so delicious. What an awesome nutrient dense breakfast right there, makes my nutrition loving heart sing!
    The vegetarian lasagna in a squash is such an amazing idea!! I love sunbutter too, it’s so cool that they make individual portions (however I always wonder which is better for the environment, the larger jar or the smaller individual sizes??)

  4. Still a little on the warm side here so ice coffee is still on the menu! But the nights have been chilly so we’ve been going to warmer coffee drinks .

    Peruvian cooking is just starting to take off in my area so I’m looking forward to trying it out soon. Is it spicy at all?

  5. Ooh wow, it’s hard to believe that your taper period is starting! I hope it goes so well. 🙂 That spaghetti squash lasagna looks so so good. I love that spaghetti squash is so versatile.

    And those Udi’s snickerdoodle cookies are good!

  6. I am totally eating alllll of the spaghetti squash right now. I just can’t get enough of it!! I seriously eat a half at a time….oops!

  7. Wow all these eats look delicious! And I never even thought of roasting spaghetti squash seeds, genius! I have been into making spaghetti squash bakes, so I’ll roast and peel the squash and then combine sauce, meat, and any other ingredients and then bake it all. Definitely a long process, but so worth the wait!

  8. I haven’t had spaghetti squash in AGESSSSS because I tend to over eat it and it gives me stomach aches, but mannnnnnn your dinner makes me miss it! LOL!

  9. I don’t have a significant other, but I totally trust my roommate to follow recipes. She is legit! I’ve never roasted seeds before but I’d say salty and then put them on ice cream

  10. Roasting your spaghetti squash seeds! Well aren’t you just brilliant! I’ve never even considered it… but I do hate waste…
    I sure wish it was still iced coffee weather here. And pineapple weather. Ahhh well. That breakfast is fit for a queen!

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