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  Sep 14, 2016  |  #Eats

Good morning!!

I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve done a What I Ate Wednesday post! Between moving, traveling and life, I just haven’t photographed my daily eats as much, so I made sure to do it yesterday so I could share this with you all.

Tuesdays are typically my longest day of the week, so I thought this would be a great insight into how I navigate those longer days. I usually have night clients or other events to attend, so I have to plan for and prepare enough snacks to last me throughout the day.

As always, I urge you not to use this as comparison or judgement. BLT is a no judgment zone!

Tuesday morning was an early wake up for some speed work.

mile repeats

Fortunately, Ed got up and headed to the track with me so I didn’t have to do it alone. We got up around 6, had some coffee (I can’t do early morning runs without coffee), a few handfuls of dry cereal, then ran a mile to the track nearby. I had 4 mile repeats on the agenda with a 400 meter recovery in between. It was nice and cool. The weather felt SO GOOD.

I stretched really well after, had some water with NUUN and then got to breakfast.


Breakfast was this banana peach breakfast bake I’m hoping to share with you all next week. Topped with lots of PB, obvs.  To be honest, this is a recipe I started testing in the summer (when peaches were in full season) and it fell to the wayside. But, I’m so glad I rekindled the love for it because it really is super amazing. I think you guys will love it!

In addition to the banana peach breakfast bake, I also had 2 scrambled eggs on the side for extra protein (and Vitamin D!).


I stopped by the grocery store on the way into the office to plan out the grocery store tour I’m giving on Thursday. It’s usually different based on the clients I have. Since I try to personalize the tours, I mapped out my route for what I plan on focusing on this time.


Around 10:00, I had snack number one, which was a banana with drippy sunbutter and cocao nibs (I always buy this brand).


Snack number 2 about an hour later was some watermelon, grapes, baby carrots, and watermelon radishes. Aren’t they beautiful?! Love those things!

Watermelon is full of Vitamin C and lycopene, an antioxidant that helps decrease inflammation and also has been linked to decreasing the risk of colon cancer.


And let’s not forget about hydration. I also drank loads of water throughout the day and you can always find me with a sparkling water alongside my laptop.



I had a meeting at Whole Foods so I just docked there for a little bit and hit up the salad bar for lunch. I also loaded up on Kombucha while I was there, since it’s actually cheaper there than at Harris Teeter!


Back at the office, I had a few new patients and we did some metabolic tests and talked about ways to increase metabolism. I also worked on some educational materials and touched base with my clients to remind them about the grocery tour.

Afternoon Snacks

I needed a few more snacks to power through the day because I knew it would be a late one (we had an evening event planned). I packed some chocolate energy bites and some Siggi’s topped with pumpkin seeds, oat squares and a spoonful of sunbutter. Obsessed.

yogurt snacks What i eat in a day

Around 5pm, I along with the other clinic staff, headed to a local school event to talk about healthy eating for students and athletes. I packed a banana and a protein bar for the ride over.

PS, has anyone tried these Good Greens bars? This was my first time trying them. They use a greens superfood powder and dried fruits to meet your fruits and veggie recommendations. I thought the bar was okay –

I think the greens powder did affect the taste, but it still tasted fine. I give it a 7/10, with the option to try more flavors.

What i eat in a day


I got home just before 9pm and had no energy to make anything. Fortunately, I had done some meal prep earlier in the week. I finished off the leftovers from a big massaged kale salad I made, topped with beets, chia seeds, chickpeas and peppers, alongside a turkey and cheese sandwich on rye bread (similar to the tuna sandwich I made last week). Dinner doesn’t always have to be time-consuming and extravagant.

As a matter of fact, mine rarely are. I prefer easy, simple, throw a few greens in there and call it a meal.

What i eat in a day

And for dessert, my first time trying Halo Top. I am dying to find the Cake Batter, but stuck with vanilla.

In my opinion, I liked it better than arctic zero, which wasn’t like ice cream to me at all. I mixed in some banana and chocolate chips, naturally.


And finished this post just in time to plop down and fall asleep.

What do you do for dinner when you don’t feel like cooking?

Thoughts about mile repeats?

34 responses to “What I Eat in a Day

  1. I always keeper some frozen stuff on hand just in case I don’t feel like cooking. I just recently had turkey meatballs with brown rice and broccoli all from the freezer. I feel like that’s so much better than what I would normally grab on the way home from work!

  2. Last night was one of those nights where I didn’t feel like cooking so I whipped up a quesadilla. It was a boring one, but I wasn’t that hungry and but knew I needed something and wanted to go to bed. I can’t wait for the peach bake recipe!

  3. When I don’t feel like cooking I usually make an egg sandwich. I guess that’s still cooking, but it’s so quick. I need to try Halo Top, I’ve only had a few Arctic Zero flavors and I’ve heard from multiple people Halo tastes better =)

  4. When I don’t feel like cooking, I really hope I have some sort of leftovers in the fridge (the majority of my nights these past two weeks). Or I’ll throw a sweet potato in the microwave, top it with peanut butter, some vegetable, and maybe some taco chips? Aha. Anything that is fast and comforting.
    Your days sound so fun. Planning a grocery store tour and meetings at Whole Foods? Livin’ the life I’d say.

  5. Sandwiches and salads are amazing ways to end the night if you don’t feel like cooking. Thank you for sharing so many of the health benefits to different foods; that was really informative and educational. 🙂 And mile repeats at the track are my least favorite cause I always feel like dying about half way through the mile. What do you usually pace mile repeats at?

  6. Looks a lot like how I eat. Lots of snacks and random things. My suppers are often just things thrown together. I don’t care if it really “goes” together, as long as it’s balanced, it’s good in my books.

  7. Looks like a tasty day of eats! If I’m tired and want something comforting I’ll make a smoothie bowl for dinner. Or frying up some eggs with a bunch of veggies is another go to.

    Mile repeats AH! Between them and tempo runs, I find those workouts the hardest.

    1. I’ve definitely loved my fair share of smoothie bowls! And eggs for dinner are the best and so easy. I just convince myself that the mile repeats are helping, rather than let them psych me out!

  8. Yum!! Those long days call for many-a-snack! Cant wait for you to share that breakfast bake! It looks so pretty! Whenever I dont want to cook dinner I shove sweet potatoes in the oven to bake and make a veggie omelette on the side!

  9. I try to always have a thing or two in the freezer that I can use when I’m in a pinch & don’t want to cook. But if I don’t have any, I usually head to Chipotle. I love how easy it is to customize, and since I don’t get sour cream or cheese it usually comes out a-okay calorie & macro wise. Or, sometimes I’ll grab a grocery store salad kit & top with some protein.

  10. I did mile repeats yesterday too. Rough! They always make me feel slow. I want to do them faster, but I can’t sometimes. It’s not like 400 meter sprinting, but still hurts.
    Your eats look great!

  11. You’re snacks are on point! I’ve been failing at the snack game lately. I was thankful I brought my peanut butter jar to work with me today because I would’ve been dying otherwise 😉
    Grocery tours sounds so fun!

  12. Omelets or reprises of lunch are what happen when I don’t feel like cooking. And everyone is all over this Halo Top stuff–I tried it when it very first came out, and didn’t care for it much, but may be I need to give it another go?

  13. I can’t wait to see your breakfast bake recipe as it looks SOOOOOOOOOO good!

    Whenever I don’t feel like cooking dinner I tend to always go for a giant salad. Then all I’ve got to do is chop, possibly cook some chicken or meat to go with it, mix it all up and DEVOUR!

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