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What Intuitive Eating and Exercise Looks Like Right Now (25 Weeks Pregnant)

I was struck by some topics when listening to a recent Christy Harrison podcast. She mentioned that for some people, intuitive eating right now (or in general if they have poor access to food), means getting enough food.

If food is a scarcity, these people obviously can’t be worried about eating their 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, or eating a donut if they’re craving a donut. That just may not be a feasible option.

So, in those cases, intuitive eating can mean just getting enough food. Doing the best you can to eat at regular intervals, or when you have access to food.

This is a topic I hope to explore a little more in the future.

For me, right now, intuitive eating is just simply listening to my body and trying to honor it as best I can. That’s looking like lots of fruit and carbohydrate things.

Other things are kind of take it or leave it right now. We had a delicious burger with fries one night, which hit a craving. I haven’t really had any aversions to meat, but sometimes it just seems tedious and tiring to cook so takeout for the win!

overhead shot of burger and fries

There are some foods I’m just not really interested in at all – beans, plain spinach (must be dressed up somehow), and some veggies. But all in all, appetite is good and things are going well.

Here are some things I’ve been gravitating towards for easy meals and snacks.

Our homemade sourdough. While I’m glad I made bread (this has been on my bucket list forever), it’s not something I’m anxious to do over and over. I’m not a patient person and baking bread isn’t as therapeutic for me as I thought it would be 🙂

homemade sourdough bread

Obviously, topped with peanut butter. 

sourdough with peanut butter

Snack plates have been life – this was a clean out the fridge snack plate. Juicy grapes, tomatoes and cucumbers, crunchy chips, cheese, homemade egg muffins.

snack plate with fruits, veggies, chips

PB&J with lots of fresh fruit. 

sandwich with cara cara oranges

Plenty of pasta dishes!

Pasta with tuna and veggies and sauce.

pasta with tuna and veggies and red sauce

This was a homemade mac and cheese we made with shells, milk and cheese. Paired with brussel sprouts and side salad with strawberry poppyseed dressing.

This is how I cook my brussel sprouts (and Camryn loves them!) –> Preheat oven to 400. Cut brussel sprouts and add to small bowl. Add EVOO, maple syrup, balsamic vinegar and s + p. I don’t measure but I use just a bit of vinegar since that’s a bit bitter. Mostly EVOO and then 1-2 Tbsp of maple syrup. And always add sea salt on top!

Cook for 30-40 minutes, and turn once. 

homemade mac and cheese

I have to really dress up my spinach salads to hide the taste!

Snacking on these homemade carrot cake energy bites

homemade carrot cake energy bites

Cinnamon bun from mother’s day with some eggs.

cinnamon bun with scrambled eggs

Intuitive Exercise

While I’m super passionate about intuitive eating, I’m also passionate about intuitive exercise too – letting your body guide you. But rejecting the diet mentality comes first in helping you learn to listen to your body for exercise.

You have to learn to unravel food rules and food designations based on the movement you do or don’t do. 

running at 25 weeks pregnant

For me, that’s running 2-3 times a week, no more than that. Running is definitely getting tougher with a 25 week bump. I’ve actually started running with my running belly band that I used during my first pregnancy. 

We’ve also done plenty of family hikes (with lots of snacks). This is similar to the toddler hiking pack we have. 

hiking pack with a toddler

And we’ve done a few family runs, letting Cam out of the stroller at the end to run along with me.

She loved it!

pregnant mom running with toddler

I’m so thankful the weather is warming up and being outside is an option. Nature has a way of curing things, helping with feelings and emotions, and it’s definitely helping lift my spirits.


What things are you eating/enjoying right now?

What does intuitive movement look like for you?

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  1. Snack plates are my favorite for when I’m hungry but not sure what to eat. It’s easy to have a little bit of everything and satisfy my hunger!